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DISH America Gold Package – 100% HD Premium DISH TV Channels

Ironically, many people own televisions capable of displaying high definition, or HD television, but they have not purchased a package that allows them to receive high definition channels. If you have an HD television but have never established a high definition signal, you are missing out on an extraordinary, available opportunity that is right at your doorstep: The DISH America Gold Package.

Did you know that high definition TV provides roughly five times the number of pixels per frame of standard television? With two million pixels on your screen, the picture is crystal clear and beautiful to behold. HDTV thus provides viewers with an unparalleled television watching experience.

The DISH America Gold Package has created a happy marriage of quality and variety, offering premium HD channels that you will love while giving you all the benefits of high definition DISH TV. The largest HD package available from the DISH Network, this television option has all the HD channels of DISH America Silver, but includes additional popular channels.  All of your local channels are also provided with this premium package.

One hundred percent HD, the DISH America Gold Package from DISH Network is the ideal avenue for viewing all the finest channels DISH Network has to offer. Once you get a taste of high definition you will never want to go back to standard television. Don’t miss out on the best that DISH Network has to offer.

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