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Hindi International Packages – Aapka Colors & Star One

Hindi Aapka Colors & Star One Package from DISH Network offers some of the hottest and most cutting edge programming from South Asia and Bollywood. These programs include movies and television programs that are enjoyed in South Asia and the popularity of these shows is mirrored in the United States. With frequent movies and new programs being introduced regularly, the South Asian family living in the U.S. can enjoy the programming that they miss from their home.

Aapka Colors is part of the Colors programming from South Asia. The Aapka Colors channel was first introduced in January of 2010 with the intention of entertaining those individuals who are native to South Asia but are residing in U.S. This channel is carried exclusively through DISH Network and features some of the most current movies and television. This makes it ideal for those families that enjoy spending weekends together, watching movies and hit programming.

Star One is another channel that offers a wide variety of programming. This channel includes thrillers, comedies, dramas and game shows. The youth-oriented movies offered on this channel help to complete the channel. This channel was designed for the Hindi-speaking family that lives in an urban environment, although it is suitable for all South Asian families. This channel has also been designed for those families that are mobile and active, helping to keep them grounded with their South Asian roots. This can keep them in touch with what is occurring in their home country, while helping them deal with the challenges of living in the U.S.

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