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Telugu Pack - DISH TV Satellite Packages

The Telugu Pack from DISH TV offers four premium Telugu channels broadcast into your home in the United States. The diversity of channels allows your whole family to enjoy programming in Telugu, with exceptional clarity from DISH TV.

Gemini TV channel is one of the most popular Telugu language channels in India. They have hit movies, and much entertainment that revolves around the movie world, such as their television show, “One More Please,” which is a live show that allows people to interact with stars. In addition, they also have many soaps and serials as well as children’s programming. Gemini TV channel in the Telugu Pack has something for everyone. You’ll also get Gemini Movies, the movie version of Gemini TV.

MAA TV is a great Telugu channel for the whole family because it boasts family friendly programming that children will enjoy and parents can feel good about. The channel is popular, and also relatively new to Telugu television. MAA TV brings you a variety of television shows from news to movies, mythological shows to interactive shows, and beyond!

TV9 Telugu is a top-rated channel in India that gives you round the clock news. This channel prides itself on being highly impartial and forward thinking when it comes to getting and giving the news. They are all news all the time, and that includes a variety of news related programming from general news programming to crime related shows, politics and more. So if you are looking for good Telugu news coverage, this is a great channel for you.

The Telugu Pack from DISH TV offers four wonderful channels that give you and your family a variety of Telugu programming straight into your home. Whether you are living in the United States from overseas and need a touch of home, or just enjoy Telugu television, then the Telugu Pack is a great addition to your satellite television package with all the quality you expect from DISH TV.

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