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DISH Pay-Per-View | Sports, Events, Movie & Adult Packages

DISH Pay-Per-View provides subscribers with the one-off event coverage, short-term television series viewing and special subscription packages they need. With over 80 channels, there is a wide range of DISH TV Pay-Per-View options available—in both HD and standard-definition TV.

Pay-Per-View falls into three main categories: DISH Cinema, Sports and Events, and Adult. With DISH Cinema, homeowners can watch all the latest and best Hollywood Pay Per View movies, including Spanish and international hit movies. There are movies to suit all tastes and genres on DISH Cinema. Available movies include horror, drama, action, comedy, family films and more—with the movie list changing every month.

DISH also offers comedy events, live concerts and live sports events and more through its Pay-Per-View service. All major baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, football, hockey, rugby, wrestling, cricket, and mixed martial arts events can be viewed by sports fanatics through DISH.

A wide range of Pay-Per-View adult-only programming is available for viewing. These channels range from the X-rated Playboy TV channel to the XXX-rated Xtsy channel.

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