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DISH Satellite TV Channels—Detroit, Michigan

There are a lot of months during the year when you just can't do much outside in Detroit, Michigan, but staying home and hanging out with family watching TV is a great time to share stories, enjoy each other's company and spend the time without spending a lot of money. But have you ever wondered how you can't find anything good to watch with so many channels from which to choose? If so, you may find yourself wondering how you can improve your pay TV experience. That’s where DISH Detroit Satellite TV comes in. With over 200 high-definition channels, affordable prices, superior customer service and advanced technology, why not switch to DISH today? If you just moved to Detroit or just want the best pay TV service money can by, contact DISH today so you, too, can begin enjoying all that you get when you subscribe to DISH Detroit.

Attention sport fans! You have come to the right place if you love everything and anything sports related. With DISH sports packages, you can watch all your favorite teams no matter what season it is, and watching the Lions and Pistons in the high definition picture clarity and sound quality that DISH Detroit offers, will make standard definition your second choice. High definition picture clarity and sound quality will astound you, and you will never be able to enjoy standard definition the way you did before your first HD experience.  Whether you follow the Tigers, Lions or Pistons or just love sports, in general, you will be astounded by the extensive sports packages DISH Detroit offers.

Are you the only sports nut in the household? Don't worry! DISH has it covered with a number of core packages, starting as low as $19.99, offering the very best in family, reality, comedy, drama, music, movies, news, weather, mini-series and documentaries programs available. Our customer service team will never let a question or concern go unaddressed. Whether you have a simple question or need a thorough explanation of your new DVR features, DISH customer support is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you. Our online chat feature allows you to speak to a DISH representative in real time to get an immediate response to your inquiry.

DISH Detroit's innovative technology is like no pay TV provider in the industry. 1080p Video on Demand, allowing you to enjoy hit movies in theatre-like picture clarity and sound, and, in so many other ways, DISH is way ahead of the competition. Let DISH welcome you to Detroit by giving you the best pay TV money can buy. With the most advanced standard- and high-definition receivers, you can record all the shows, movies and sporting events you want to see; pause live TV; skip commercials; block channels from the kids; and so much more. Enjoy DISH HD Free For Life with qualifying packages and Free Premium Channels for 3 months. Check restrictions where they apply.


DISH Network Detroit Local Stations

Channel Call Letters Package
2 FOX (WJBK) Local/HD
4 NBC (WDIV) Local/HD
7 ABC (WXYZ) Local/HD
20 MNT (WMYD) Local
31 ION (WPXD) Local
38 IND (WADL) Local
50 CW (WKBD) Local
56 PBS (WTVS) Local
62 CBS (WWJ) Local/HD
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