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AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

It’s common these days to see a typo here and there. An error in an article, blog post, website and more commonly on social media.

Even when you search the internet you can commonly make the mistake of a spelling error and end up on a site you never intended to go to.

Dish Network certainly has seen it’s... Continue reading

AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

When you think of hockey in the United States usually the first thing that comes to mind is the National Hockey League, otherwise known as the NHL. But this year's Olympics in Sochi are making the United States and the rest of the world take notice.

AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

Now that the Super Bowl is over it's time to turn the page to the 2014 NFL Off-season. Here are some of the top free agents. Who will jump ship? Who is primed for a big payday? Which player would be available to your team?

Have a look here:

AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

It's on the horizon. The day that every NFL fan has been waiting for.

The Super Bowl.

AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

I recently sat down and took in the remake to Carrie (1976). The original starred Sissy Spacek as Carrie White, a shy, socially awkward teenager who is under the constant torment and bullying from her small-town high school. The original remains a classic to this day and is considered one of Stephen King's best.... Continue reading

AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble was one of this week's most anticipated events in the world of sports and sports entertainment. Amid the constant rumors and annual WrestleMania chatter the Rumble is often the perfect catapult down the road to WrestleMania.

So how did the Rumble shape up?


I love a lot of things. My husband and daughter. My cats. The ironic dance grooves of Cobra Starship. But most of all, I love bacon. And through this love, I discovered my love of Ron Swanson.

I was late to get into Parks and Recreation. It failed to grab me in its first season, and I never went back to give it... Continue reading


USA Network's co-presidents Jeff Watchel and Chris McCumber recently announced the development of the network's first reality programming series. The show is titled... Continue reading


Even though I grew up in Florida, I don't swim anywhere but swimming pools, because I'm too afraid of sharks. Emily Thorne, the anti-hero of ABC's smash soap Revenge evidently shares no such fear as she plunges into the water outside her beachfront Hamptons home for her daily swim. Perhaps it's because she knows she's... Continue reading

AUTHOR: AnthonyDiMoro

The Royal Rumble is the official kickoff to what is referred to as WWE's "Wrestlemania season" which, this year, will culminate at Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans. But the Rumble is not only the annual kickoff for the biggest event in Sports Entertainment/Professional Wrestling, it also is our annual trip down Pro-... Continue reading