Snap Judgment: The River

abc the river cast gray clouds

Image From: Poptower

Horror movies of the found-footage variety have risen and fallen in popularity in the dozen years since The Blair Witch Project took the world by storm. In the wake of recent buzzy movies in this genre (including The Devil Inside and Chronicle) it should be no surprise that the trend is finally making the jump to television.

ABC’s The River (co-created by Oren Pelli, creator of the found-footage juggernaut Paranormal Activity franchise) follows a family as they search for their missing husband and father. He happens to be a famed Steve Irwin-esque explorer who traveled the world looking for amazing creatures. This enables the show’s conceit; they are funding the search through a documentary with an accompanying crew filming their search. Think The Office, but with missing people, and ghosts.

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TV Dwellings We Would Love to Call Home

for rent1

Finding a new home or apartment is a lot of work. You have to take so many things into consideration. Quality roommates? Washer and dryer? Parking? Mysterious carpet stains? The following are some of our favorite TV apartments and homes we wouldn’t mind signing a lease on with no questions asked.


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Predictions for the 2012 TV Season

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict where TV is heading in the year to come. Based on what was trending in 2011, and looking ahead to the television events already on the horizon, we can make some educated guesses as to what the TV landscape will be like in 2012.

Music TV Will Be Everywhere Other Than MTV

Cast of Smash on NBC

Image: Deadline

Sure MTV might not stand for “Music Television” anymore, but who needs one channel dedicated to music when every channel is breaking out into song and dance.  In 2012, expect singing competitions like “The Voice” and musical dramas like “Smash” to keep the musical trend going. After all, as they say, the beat goes on.

Vampires Are Out, Magic is In

Cast of Grimm on NBC

Image: Hollywood Reporter

The vampire craze may have finally peaked, however it may be replaced by magic and fairy tales in the years to come. Shows like “Grimm” and “Once Upon a Time” proved that TV viewers could handle magical fairy tale themes in prime time. Even HBO’s “True Blood” has shifted focus from vampires to witches and fairies in the recent seasons.

New Faces Hosting Your Favorite TV Shows

Ryan Seacrest Today Show Host

Image: US Magazine

Everywhere you look in 2012, there will be new faces on daytime TV. Kelly Ripa still hasn’t found a suitable host to replace Regis, but we’re expecting for her to finally settle on a co-star sometime in early 2012. Meanwhile, NBC has been openly considering “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest to takeover hosting “The Today Show.”

What’s Old is New

CBS Hawaii Five-O Remake Cast

Image: Boston Herald

The recent success of “90210” and “Hawaii Five-O” has proven that TV remakes are a viable option for networks to rely on. In 2012, producer Bryan Fuller of “Pushing Daisies” fame will be remaking “The Munsters”—which goes to show that in 2012 any remake is possible.

The Olympics Provide a Reason to Stay In This Summer

2012 London Summer Olympics Mascots

Image: New York Times

You might want to cancel your vacation to Legoland this year because the London 2012 Olympics may just occupy your summer. All eyes will be watching to see how London tries to top the mind-blowing opening ceremonies from the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Horror is in the House

Cast of The Walking Dead

Image: Screenrant

Although horror is usually considered a niche genre, the popularity of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and FX’s recent hit “American Horror Story” have proven that there’s an audience for macabre programming. Expect things to get much darker on TV from now on, especially around Halloween 2012.

Say So Long to Soaps

Cast of General Hospital


The last few soap operas will likely call it quits in 2012, making it the end of a long era of serialized television stories. Nowadays fans are too busy to keep up with their soaps, while prime time televisions dramas are swooping in to fill the void.

Campaign Comedy

Daily Show with John Stewart


Since 2012 is an election year, we can expect plenty of political humor in the coming months. This is when shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show” are at their best as the 24-hour news cycle allows for every second of the election to become satirical fodder.





Top 10 Most Unexpected TV Character Deaths of 2011

Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper

Image Source:

(WARNING: Contains potential spoilers)

Yesterday we paid tribute to television actors who passed away in 2011, but they’re not the only familiar faces we’ll no longer see on TV next year. We watched some of our favorite TV characters die in 2011— many of them when we were least expecting it.

10. Charlie Harper – Two and a Half Men

It wasn’t much of a surprise when CBS decided to kill off Charlie Sheen’s character on “Two and a Half Men” after his massive falling out with the network. What was shocking, however, was the gruesome way they killed off Charlie Harper—by hitting him with a train (that presumably ran on tiger blood.)

9. Li’l Sebastian – Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation L'il Sebastian

Image Source:

This enchanting equine may have been small, but his death left a big impact on the town of Pawnee, Indiana. The loss of Li’l Sebastian did, however, give Andy’s band Mouserat its biggest single yet with “5,000 Candles in the Wind.”

8. Sophia Peletier – The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Sophia Zombie

Image Source:

When little Sophia disappeared in the woods earlier this year, we were sure she was zombie bait from the start. But it was still shocking to see her come out of Herschel’s barn and watch Rick have to put her down with a shot to the head.

7. Jesus Velasquez – True Blood

Jesus from True Blood

Image Source: Boston Herald

Lafayette’s Brujo boyfriend Jesus taught him how to awaken his magical powers—although it would have probably been better for Jesus had he not. While Lafayette was possessed by the spirit of Marnie he killed Jesus to gain his Brujo powers.

6. Ben Harmon – American Horror Story

Ben Harmon American Horror Story

Image Source:

When a show openly admits to being a horror story, you shouldn’t become attached to any of the characters—and yet, Ben’s death in the final episode still came as a surprise. After his family talked him out of suicide, we thought he’d start a new life with the baby. Unfortunately the ghosts got to him before he could escape.

5. Bill Henrickson – Big Love

Bill Henrickson from Big Love

Image Source:

After such a tumultuous final season, we were not expecting Bill to bite the big one in the last episode. Bill was shot in the chest over a petty lawn dispute with his neighbor and his death brought about the death of the show itself.

4. Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad

Gus Fring from Breaking Bad

Image Source:

When drug lord Gustavo Fring crossed the line with Walter White, it was certain that one could not live while the other survived. Gus came to an explosive end when Hector Salamanca turned suicide bomber.

3. Mags Bennett – Justified

Mags Bennett from Justified

Image Source:

We were completely expecting Mags to poison Raylan at the end of season two, so when she took a swig of her own poisoned moonshine we were stunned. We knew their cat-and-mouse game would eventually have to end, we just never expected Mags to do herself in.

 2. Jimmy Darmody – Boardwalk Empire

Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire

Image Source:

Nucky and Jimmy started out the series as partners, with Jimmy playing the role of the number two. When Jimmy wanted more than what was given to him, Nucky put him in his place with two shots to the face.

 1. Eddard “Ned” Stark – Game of Thrones

Eddard Stark Game of Thrones

Image Source:

Although fans of the book series already knew it was coming, the rest of us were shocked when main character Ned Stark was beheaded by King Goffery, the son of his best friend. This unexpected death made it clear that no character is safe—not even the series lead.