TV Secret Santa, Part 3

Santa’s come and gone, and most families are busy digesting the last of the Christmas meal leftovers. A handful of presents from TV stars have arrived in the mail today, a bit late due to holiday downtime. Rip into your last presents from TV stars in this year’s third and final installment of TV Secret Santa (Parts 1 and 2).

1. Lucille Ball – I Love Lucy

Lucille Ball has risen from the grave just to send you a Christmas present. How sweet of her. If only The Walking Dead‘s zombies could be that thoughtful. What did the queen of comedy get you?

Lucille Ball Christmas Gift

Image: Clip Art Guide

2. Ralphie Parker – A Christmas Story

Little Ralphie is devoted solely to the cause of getting a Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Range Air Rifle. It’s all the little guy things about! So, it’s no wonder what the currently adult version of Ralph gets for his TV fans this Christmas.

Ralphie Christmas Present

Image: PSDGraphics

3. Buffy – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This teen blonde is a menace to vampires everywhere, the scourge of supernatural baddies. Buffy’s been around the block enough times to know that a good Christmas present needs to be useful in such a dangerous world, but still have a bit of charm.

Buffy Christmas Present

4. Joey and Chandler – Friends

One is dumb and lovable; the other is sharp and acidic. Despite their differences, Joey and Chandler are the best of friends (but who’s surprised by that, considering the show’s title?). Fans of the show should be able to predict the contents of this Christmas gift.

Friends Christmas Present

Image: Lloydmarcus

5. Adrian Monk – Monk

It may have taken him a mere 4 hours to wrap the perfect gift, but Mr. Monk finally managed to put the finishing touches on a Christmas present. Well, let’s be honest, Natalie did all the wrapping. And the shopping. But hey, at least Monk picked out what’s inside.

Adrian Monk Christmas Present

Image: Christmasdecorationcrafts

TV Secret Santa, Part 2

It’s time for your second round of presents from your favorite TV personalities. You got plenty of great gifts in part 1, so let’s see what else is waiting for you under the tree. Unwrap your presents to find out!

1. Dr. House – House

When you want a cure for a rare and bizarre disease, come to Dr. House. When you want to feel good about yourself and hang out with a buddy, keep on walking. House isn’t exactly the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet, but he can still give a decent Christmas gift when the time comes.

Dr. House Christmas Gift

Image: Web Timesharejuice

2. SVU Group – Law and Order: SVU

Working the hard crimes of the Special Victims Unit is bound to leave people a little cynical. Luckily, the holidays are all about letting go of some of that negativity to celebrate life and happiness. The crew might get a bit stressed with all of the evil they experience on a daily basis, that hasn’t stopped them from pitching in and buying you a really thoughtful – and useful – stocking stuffer.

Law and Order SVU Gift

Image: Darkwatertreat

3. Elena – Vampire Diaries

Living around a bunch of vampires is a rather exhilarating experience for a sexy young woman. On the one side of the coin, you get to be surrounded by a bunch of smoky, sexy vampire guys. On the flip side is the whole blood sucking thing. That’s kind of a buzz kill. So, how does Elena cope with all of the love triangle drama and remain sane? This year, Elena is sharing with you her personal, secret outlet for all of her pent-up sexual frustration.

Elena Vampire Diaries Christmas Gift

Image: Progressions

4. Jayne – Firefly

Jayne can be a rough and tumble guy, but his heart’s in the right place when it matters (by that, I mean that it’s in the right place if you’ve recently paid him). Any diehard Browncoat knows that Jayne can really pull out all of the stops and give a very thoughtful gift. Just don’t expect to get Vera, his very favorite gun; he doesn’t give away things like that to just anyone.

Jayne Cobb Christmas Gift

Image: Planetterry

5. The Soup Nazi – Seinfeld

When you want the best soup in all of New York, get your money ready and go over to the Soup Nazi’s place. Just don’t mess around at the cashier. But don’t worry too much, you’re on his good side! And this year he got you something special.

Soup Nazi Christmas Present

Image: Planetterry