Are You Ready for Not One, But Two Shows Based on Beauty and the Beast?

Disney's Beauty and the Beast


It’s a tale as old as time—two different networks developing similar TV series based on the same source material. This fall viewers were treated to two different television shows based on fairy tales of old—Once Upon a Time on ABC and Grimm on NBC. History will soon repeat itself as ABC and The CW are both putting TV shows based on Beauty and the Beast into the pipeline.

The ABC version of the popular fairy tale will be a dark, gritty reboot of the story, set in a mythical world. The story features a tough princess who makes a romantic connection with a beastly creature, which is more in line with the original fairy tale. Although ABC is owned by Disney, there’s no word yet on whether or not this version will have any relation to the animated film of the same name.

Beauty and the Beast TV Series


Meanwhile, the competing Beauty and the Beast project on The CW is actually a reboot of the 80’s television series, with some added procedural drama to boot. Beauty and the Beast featured Ron Perlman wearing heavy prosthetic makeup to portray Vincent, the beastly leader of a community of sewer dwellers. Vincent falls in love with Catherine, a district attorney played by Linda Hamilton. With its focus on romance and angst, this version is much more in line with The CW’s programming.

Since neither network has announced their lineup for next season, it’s anybody’s guess as to whether or not these projects ever see the light of day. However, it doesn’t take a magic mirror to predict that two networks will once again develop the same fairy tale projects in the future. Here are just a few of the untapped fairy tale stories that may one day become TV shows on competing networks.

Little Red Riding Hood


The Story: Little Red Riding Hood

The Networks: The CW, Fox

The Pitches:

Red Riding Hood (The CW) – A teen girl finds battles werewolves in a sleepy California town, while juggling school and a boyfriend.

Hood (Fox) – Agent Hood of the FBI uncovers a secret conspiracy by the World Organization Liberation Front, or WOLF, to replace high-power members of government with clones.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty


The Story: Sleeping Beauty

The Networks: CBS, ABC

The Pitches:

Sleeping Beauty (CBS) – Phillip Prince’s fairy godmother appears to him and tells him he must do a number of good deeds to get his wife to wake up out of her coma.

Briar Rose (ABC) – Fashion designer Rose Briarwood suffers from a strange family curse—whenever she pricks her finger, she falls asleep and can only be woken up by a kiss.

Jim Henson's Muppets Walter


The Story: Pinocchio

The Networks: Syfy, ABC Family

The Pitches:

P1n0ch10 (Syfy) – Pinocchio is a fully-sentient android on the run from the gangsters who run the space station Pleasure Island, where Pinocchio was once a slave.

P and the Gang (ABC Family) – A sitcom about a puppet named Pinocchio who is adopted by a family of humans, featuring Jim Henson’s Muppets.





Not Just “Portlandia”…

Portland, OR has recently been on the map due to the popularity of IFC’s comedy show “Portlandia” (spotlighted here, an earlier blog post you’ve most likely already read, since certainly you’ve “favorite-d” this site by now….)

But “Portlandia” is far from the only TV program that has featured the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Check out the following programs, each of which has featured Portland, OR in some way or another:

Grimm, NBC


So there’s this really awesome show about fairy tales that airs on ABC Sunday nights. It’s a HUGE hit. Okay, well, this isn’t that show. But it is the other show about fairy tales that premiered this fall on NBC. “Grimm” tells the story of a police detective who is the latest in a long line of Grimms. Yes, as in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Most importantly, the show is shot in Portland, OR, and uses the city’s rainy weather perfectly to set an eerie mood in this detective drama. Bonus points for not only filming but also setting the story in the city of Portland, unlike…

Leverage, TNT


“Leverage” is shot in Portland, but has actually taken place in Boston, MA up through the latest season. Near the set, lucky onlookers can even see police cruisers marked up with Boston Police Department decals. “Leverage” has been a success for TNT, as the show just recently wrapped its fourth season. Rumor has it that the upcoming season’s story will actually take place in the city of Portland. More aerial shots, please!

Life Unexpected, The CW


Look! Portland! Behind those pretty people!

A big R.I.P. for this show, which was hailed as the new “Everwood” and “Gilmore Girls” for The CW network upon its premiere, but never quite found enough of an audience to stay on the air beyond its short run. While “Life, Unexpected” wasn’t filmed in Portland, all those beautiful transition shots between scenes featuring Portland’s skyline would have made you think otherwise. Plus, the main characters worked at a radio station and a bar – that’s so Portland!

Little People, Big World, TLC


Technically filmed right outside the city of Portland, this TLC reality show featured the Roloff family, led by husband and wife Matt and Amy – both whom happened to be little people. The show documented the tribulations faced by such a family over its multi-season run, such as the difficulties in reaching for that really high cereal box in the grocery store, or what happens when you’re youngest son is nearly killed by your home-made pumpkin launcher.  You know, the usual.

Predictions for the 2012 TV Season

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict where TV is heading in the year to come. Based on what was trending in 2011, and looking ahead to the television events already on the horizon, we can make some educated guesses as to what the TV landscape will be like in 2012.

Music TV Will Be Everywhere Other Than MTV

Cast of Smash on NBC

Image: Deadline

Sure MTV might not stand for “Music Television” anymore, but who needs one channel dedicated to music when every channel is breaking out into song and dance.  In 2012, expect singing competitions like “The Voice” and musical dramas like “Smash” to keep the musical trend going. After all, as they say, the beat goes on.

Vampires Are Out, Magic is In

Cast of Grimm on NBC

Image: Hollywood Reporter

The vampire craze may have finally peaked, however it may be replaced by magic and fairy tales in the years to come. Shows like “Grimm” and “Once Upon a Time” proved that TV viewers could handle magical fairy tale themes in prime time. Even HBO’s “True Blood” has shifted focus from vampires to witches and fairies in the recent seasons.

New Faces Hosting Your Favorite TV Shows

Ryan Seacrest Today Show Host

Image: US Magazine

Everywhere you look in 2012, there will be new faces on daytime TV. Kelly Ripa still hasn’t found a suitable host to replace Regis, but we’re expecting for her to finally settle on a co-star sometime in early 2012. Meanwhile, NBC has been openly considering “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest to takeover hosting “The Today Show.”

What’s Old is New

CBS Hawaii Five-O Remake Cast

Image: Boston Herald

The recent success of “90210” and “Hawaii Five-O” has proven that TV remakes are a viable option for networks to rely on. In 2012, producer Bryan Fuller of “Pushing Daisies” fame will be remaking “The Munsters”—which goes to show that in 2012 any remake is possible.

The Olympics Provide a Reason to Stay In This Summer

2012 London Summer Olympics Mascots

Image: New York Times

You might want to cancel your vacation to Legoland this year because the London 2012 Olympics may just occupy your summer. All eyes will be watching to see how London tries to top the mind-blowing opening ceremonies from the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Horror is in the House

Cast of The Walking Dead

Image: Screenrant

Although horror is usually considered a niche genre, the popularity of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and FX’s recent hit “American Horror Story” have proven that there’s an audience for macabre programming. Expect things to get much darker on TV from now on, especially around Halloween 2012.

Say So Long to Soaps

Cast of General Hospital


The last few soap operas will likely call it quits in 2012, making it the end of a long era of serialized television stories. Nowadays fans are too busy to keep up with their soaps, while prime time televisions dramas are swooping in to fill the void.

Campaign Comedy

Daily Show with John Stewart


Since 2012 is an election year, we can expect plenty of political humor in the coming months. This is when shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show” are at their best as the 24-hour news cycle allows for every second of the election to become satirical fodder.