Seven Compelling TV Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Offs

Matt LeBlanc in Joey


Does The Cleveland Show leave you wondering what makes Cleveland so interesting that he got his own series? Were you outraged when Joey was picked out of all the Friends to be the star of his own show? Does the thought of a Snooki spin-off make you want to cry?

If so, you’re probably suffering from spin-off fatigue—the inability to enjoy a mediocre TV show just because it was spun-off from a show you love. The only cure is to watch plenty of Frasier and Angel reruns as you wait for any of these compelling TV characters to star in their own spin-off series.

Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir - Community

Yes we’re including Troy and Abed as a pair—you just don’t break up a great comedy duo. With Community possibly on its last legs, this might be our only chance of seeing six seasons and a movie. The series would follow Troy and Abed as they make movies and rip on pop culture.

Lafayette Reynolds – True Blood

True Blood Layafayette Reynolds


Lafayette has gone from drug dealing short-order cook to magical spirit medium. He continues to be one of the most interesting people in Bon Temps. We want to see him reunite with the spirit of his dead boyfriend Jesus as he guides Lafayette around the south, helping restless spirits to find peace.

Gus Fring – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Gus Fring


The Machiavellian meth dealer was the most mysterious, meticulous and powerful character we’ve seen on TV in a long time. Even though Gus was recently killed off, we’d still love to see a prequel series that tells the story of how he became the southwest’s biggest drug kingpin and fried chicken restaurateur.

Joan Harris – Mad Men

Joan Harris Mad Men


Even when she didn’t work at Sterling Cooper, the cameras couldn’t help but follow Joan. She has a red-hot personality but underneath is a complex woman who wants to be both desired and respected. We want to watch Joan as part of the women’s lib movement in the 70s, finally achieving the success she deserves.

Michael Scott – The Office

Michael Scott and Holly The Office


We know Steve Carell wants to focus on his movie career, but if that doesn’t pan out we’d welcome Michael Scott back with open arms. The series could give us a peek into the married life of Michael and Holly, the dorkiest couple in the world. Add some adopted children to the mix and that awkward humor pretty much writes itself.

Artemis – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Artemis is Sweet Dee’s friend, Frank’s former sex partner and one of the most interesting reoccurring characters on the show. She has next to no shame, zero class and a raging food fetish—stick her into any premise and we’re watching.

Andy Botwin – Weeds

Andy Botwin Weeds


The Showtime series Weeds has gotten a little long in the tooth lately and Andy has always been one of the funniest, clever characters on the show. The best plan for moving forward would be to ditch Nancy and her drama and focus on Andy and Doug, getting stoned and planning their own schemes.