Television Families: Who’s Invited to Dinner?

With Showtime’s Shameless back on TV, the show’s Gallagher family continue their reign as television’s most dysfunctional brood. Here, we take a look at some of TV’s other dysfunctional families, past and present, judging their level of dysfunction and shamelessness on whether we would invite them over for dinner.

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6 Gay TV Characters Who Raise Gender Questions

Modern Family Gay Couple


In the popular HBO series True Blood, an amazing new synthetic blood beverage allows vampires to come out of the coffin, as it were, and announce their identities to the world. We can’t help but see an obvious parallel between these blood-suckers and LGBT folks in real life (that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender).

Gay rights were a touchy subject for quite some time, and it’s still a hot topic in modern America. Overall, though, the trend is towards a greater acceptance of LGBT people, and that trend is pretty obvious in modern TV. Here’s a rundown of some of the most prevalent LGBT characters on television.

6. Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker – Modern Family

The very fact that a show called “Modern Family” includes a gay couple says a lot about modern perceptions about LGBTs. This clip, while poking fun at stereotypical homosexual mannerisms, suggests that homosexuality is present even in children, an idea that would ruffle a few feathers.

5. Callie Torres and Arizona Robins – Grey’s Anatomy

One of the jokes about soap operas is that everybody ends up sleeping with everybody. In Grey’s Anatomy, the writers expanded upon that idea a bit with a lesbian couple. But it gets trickier from there: one of the women slept with a man, and now the two women (with occasional help from the guy) are raising a child. This whole plot doesn’t just put traditional gender roles into question, it smashes them into a billion pieces.

4. Ian Gallagher – Shameless

To say that this show explores LGBT issues is an understatement. Sexuality is such a confusing issue on this show that a lot of the characters aren’t even sure what their orientation is. As suggested by the show’s title, however, these characters have nothing to be ashamed of, regardless of which gender they’re attracted to.

3. Just about Half the Cast – Glee

A staggering number of Glee cast members, particularly in the ’09 season, have LGBT identities. They don’t just bring up gay and lesbian issues, they explore much more complicated concepts like pansexuality. And all in a show directed at teens? What is our world coming to?! A more open and accepting society, evidently.

2. Any Reality Show – Any Network

Turn on Face Off, What Not to Wear, Project Runway, NY Ink, The Glee Project, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, or just about any reality TV show. More than likely, one of the guests will be gay, perhaps even blatantly so.

1. Marcus Bachmann?

Do I dare make the joke? It’s just too good to resist. He’s got plenty of screen time and media attention, so why not add him to the list? He’s certainly a recent TV celebrity, though probably not for the reasons he would prefer.

If we’re looking at shows that explore the sometimes confusing journey towards sexual self-discovery, then Marcus might be one of the best examples out there. I think news viewers out there are just as confused as he is. Marcus claims he’s straight as an arrow, but I’ll let you make up your own mind.

Marcus Bachmann

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