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DISH vs Cable: Comparing Satellite TV with Cable TV

Live TV programming is just the beginning of the offerings when you sign up for TV service. In 2023, you have so many choices in television entertainment that it can be downright bewildering. Here, you can learn the pros and cons of your TV service...

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Yellowstone on Dish Network – Updated Guide (2023)

Yellowstone on DISH Network – Updated Guide (2023) In the early hours of 2023, one question held much of America captive: how soon can we see more episodes of Yelllowstone? We got our answer later that day during the mid-season finale. This summer...

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How to Get DISH for Your RV

There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors in your RV. But if you’re like many RV owners, you also may want to catch a big game or see the hottest TV shows while you’re on the road. When you get DISH for your RV, you can easily bring...

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How Many TVs Can You Have on Dish Network?

One great advantage of being a DISH Network customer is the flexibility you gain from DISH service. With DISH Network, you don't have to get stuck watching TV in one room. You can watch DISH Network programming on multiple televisions in multiple...

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Your Guide to the DISH Anywhere App

When you're in a waiting room or on your lunch break at work, don't you sometimes wish you could just watch your own TV shows? Not the game shows playing on a waiting room TV, but your actual favorites. What if you could even watch live sports...

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100+ Social Media Statistics & Trends (2023)

Key Social Media Statistics 2023 There are 4.74 billion active users on social media platforms. 93 percent of internet users worldwide engage in social media networks. Adults between the ages of 18 to 29 make up about 84 percent of social media...

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How To Pair Your Remote and DISH Receiver

Not quite sure how to pair your remote and DISH receiver? It's simple when you know the right buttons to press. If you need to replace or upgrade your remote, the remote pairing process is quick. In just a few minutes, you'll be watching great DISH...

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