5 Great Reasons to Binge-Watch

Binge-watching has become somewhat of a universal pastime ever since we’ve been able to collect entire series of shows or movie franchises. It is the act of watching a series of shows or movies continuously in few viewings. Often these days a season of a prestige show is 8-10 episodes of around an hour each, which means an entire season can be watched in one sitting. A movie trilogy can also be watched in a day, and longer franchises might only take a standard weekend (although the longest franchises, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, might take a few more days).

It’s even easier to binge-watch a series now than ever before. Rather than recording everything on VHS or spending hundreds on DVDs, the advent of both DVR and streaming services such as Netflix make binge-watching a breeze. In the age of COVID-19, binge-watching couldn’t be a more timely option. When you can save thousands of hours of content on a system like the Hopper 3 or connect your DISH Network to Netflix or Amazon Prime, you hardly need an excuse to spend a few hours immersed in a favorite show. Nevertheless, here are five great reasons you can use to justify binge-watching, even without social distancing!

1. It’s great to do when you’re sick or laid up.

Got a sprained ankle, a broken arm, or a nasty cold? A rough stomach flu can really keep you from doing anything besides laying around wishing for something to do. Even reading or playing a game can be too difficult when you’re tired or under the influence of a cold or flu. You don’t have to go anywhere or even get out of bed (unless your television requires a move to the couch) to spend hours checking your brain at the door while your favorite show leads you through its ins and outs. Binge-watching doesn’t take the concentration of reading or playing video games, so it’s a great activity for when you need rest.

2. Relax your mind by immersing yourself in another world.

We all need a break from time to time. Binge-watching a show is similar to getting sucked into a good book. You become invested in the characters and the plots and subplots, giving you a break from your own life by allowing you to step visually into another world. This is one way to relax from everyday stress, even if the show you are bingeing on portrays a dim dystopia or criminal underworld. Sometimes, stepping away from your own life to binge-watch someone else’s, even fictional, can be as good as a vacation.

3. It’s the best way to fight cabin fever.

Snow days, sick days, school vacations, rainy weekends, malfunctioning vehicles, and all sorts of unexpected conditions can trap us inside with nowhere to go. The only thing worse than bored kids with cabin fever is bored adults with cabin fever. Since television shows transport the mind to other worlds, some fictional and some very real, your television can become a window outside your home on days when it seems like actually going out is impossible. And if the adults have to work while the kids are on vacation from school or summer camp, having them binge-watch a youth show might give you the space you need to get work done while keeping them entertained when they can’t play outside.

4. Families can binge watch together, and that doesn’t just mean the kids.

Whether the kids are involved or not, when the whole family binge watches together, this can be warm quality time filled with popcorn, hot chocolate, and lively discussion. An entire family day can be planned around binge-watching a show or series of movies. We all like to talk about the shows we watch, which is where the phrase “water cooler discussion” comes from. But families who watch a show together can enjoy it together and talk about it as they watch, which can be both a great bonding experience and a useful teaching tool. This isn’t limited to just keeping the kids entertained, either. There are plenty of great adult shows that families can enjoy together in one sitting, even if they don’t live together. Sometimes it can be a great way to bond with distant friends and family to keep up with a show together.

5. You can even binge-watch on the road.

With DISH Anywhere or DISH Outdoors, a long road trip or even a camping trip can be a chance for some of the family to binge-watch a show. Not every long drive is going to be a picturesque vista of tourist enchantment. That three-hour drive to see the grandparents might involve spending two hours in traffic, or amber waves of grain for hours on end might cease to appeal to kids and adults alike. Maybe the plan is to do sightseeing during the day and rest at night, making binge-watching a show a part of the trip. Or maybe your job takes you on the road frequently, giving you plenty of down time to spend a few evenings watching something.

DISH Gives You a Lot of Ways to Watch

No matter what your reason, DISH Network TV services give you a lot of ways to binge-watch both old favorites and new seasons:

  • Your Hopper receiver has an HD DVR that can store up to 2,000 hours of content that you can watch on any device connected with DISH Anywhere. That’s a lot of movies and TV series!
  • You can access everything in your DISH package, with all the TV shows and local channels included. That includes premium channels, if your package includes them.
  • An Internet connection can also enable you to access your Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime accounts, as well as Game Finder, for sports fans to locate their favorite teams.
  • With Google Assistant and the Hopper’s Voice Remote, DISH customers can binge watch just by talking to their DISH TV.
  • Hopper w/ Sling allows users to access other streaming accounts.
  • Most shows are in HD, and some are even in 4k resolution, giving you a crisp, clean viewing experience.

Whether you are cooped up at home in bad weather or not feeling your best, have kids stuck at home that need to be entertained, or just feel like watching an old standby or a future favorite, DISH Network has all your binge-watching needs covered. And Infinity DISH has your DISH Network connection. All you have to do is call!