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Order today for a $100 gift card with a qualifying DISH TV Package purchase

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Upgrade to DISH from DirecTV get a $300 prepaid Mastercard®
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DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
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Existing DirecTV customer?
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Experience Boost Infinite

Unlimited Wireless. $25/mo. Lifetime Price Guarantee.

See how much you can save on your cell phone bill with unlimited wireless from Boost Infinite. Your price is locked in as long as you keep the active plan–forever! Get high-speed, seamless 5G coverage from a major national network, but with huge savings.

Boost Infinite Benefits 

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Unlimited Plan for $25 – Lifetime Price Lock
Get your $25/month plan price for as long as you stay an active member. No hidden fees!

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Top National Network for Reliable Coverage
Your mobile service will come from a top U.S. network, so you will enjoy smooth nationwide coverage and fast 5G speeds.
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Money-Back Guarantee & No Annual Contract
You’ll never have to sign a contract or pay an early termination fee. And if you’re not fully satisfied in the first 30 days, Boost Infinite will give you a full refund.
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Customize Add-Ons for Your Lifestyle
Have family or friends in Mexico, Canada, or other international destinations? You’re going to love these add-on deals.
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Free iPhone 14 with Unlimited +

Get the best in cell phone technology, completely free! Sign up for Infinite Unlimited+ for only $50/month.

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The Infinite Boost You Deserve

Boost Infinite Unlimited Wireless Plans
Enjoy simple, rock-bottom pricing with no hidden fees. Get unlimited talk, text, and data at the lowest cell phone plan price around—only $25/month. Add up to 5 lines on your account and customize each one for your best user experience.

Boost Infinite Speed and Coverage 

You’ll get service from one of the top national wireless providers in the U.S. with your Boost Infinite service. Right now, Boost Infinite will provide wireless network coverage through AT&T and T-Mobile.

Boost Infinite from DISH is also rolling out its own massive, fast 5G network. The whole time you’re with Boost Infinite, you’ll have the benefits of the most innovative, reliable wireless technology on the market. You’ll get the speed and coverage of the biggest and best wireless networks at half-price!

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Access Infinite
Unlimited talk, text & data on one of America’s top 5G networks. Add up to 5 lines per account and feel free to mix and match Unlimited and Unlimited+ tiers as needed. All backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Unlimited +
Plan includes:

  • iPhone 14 on us
  • Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Superfast 5G coverage
  • Mexico & Canada talk, text and data
  • Talk and text to over 200 destinations
Bring your own phone or buy a new one from us
Plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Superfast 5G coverage
  • $25/mo. Forever
Offer available for well-qualified customers, plus tax. Members using >30GB/mo. may experience lower speeds.

Members who sign up for Infinite Unlimited+ are eligible for an iPhone 14 on us ($830 via 36 monthly bill credits when you trade in an eligible phone). Members signing up for the Infinite Unlimited+ plan must trade in an eligible phone to receive bill credits. If you cancel wireless service before receiving all credits, credits stop and remaining balance on required finance agreement is due. Early payment forfeits remaining credits. Plan availability may vary.

Boost Protect and Boost Protect with AppleCare Services loss and theft is not available for devices under $250.00 in NY. Please call care to enroll in the accidental damage and malfunction only coverage directly.

Customized Add-Ons:
Dish signal reliability
Unlimited International & More

Pick and choose from great add-on features to get the best deal for you!

Dish signal reliability
North America Connect

Unlimited talk/text from U.S. to Mexico/Canada plus 5G of data while roaming in Mexico/Canada. $10/mo

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International Connect

Unlimited talk to 50 international destinations on mobile or 80 destinations on a landline. Variable minutes for 120 destinations. Unlimited text to 200 international locations. $10/mo.

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Data Hotspot

Turn your phone into a hotspot in a pinch using your plan data. 30 GB per billing cycle available for your hotspot! $10/mo.

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Speed Pass

Add 10 GB of high-speed data to level up to 40 GB high-speed data per month. $10/mo.

Boost Infinite FAQs
What is Boost Infinite?

Boost Infinite is a new wireless carrier from DISH that offers service from top national wireless networks at a deep discount.

What phones does Boost Infinite offer?

Boost Infinite stocks the latest phones from Samsung, Motorola, iPhone and more. You can get a free iPhone 14 when you sign up for Boost Infinite+ with your old phone as a trade-in.

What’s the difference between Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile?

Boost Infinite offers only two plans: the $25 Unlimited Plan and the Unlimited+ Plan with more features for $50/month. Boost Mobile is a different carrier with a wide range of plans and pricing.

What network will my phone be on if I get Boost Infinite?

Your phone will work for now on AT&T’s wireless network, with later options of T-Mobile or DISH Wireless. All networks will be 5G with smooth national coverage.

What is Boost Protect?

Boost Protect is a plan to cover your phone in case of damage, loss, or theft.

What are the Boost Infinite Add-Ons?

Boost Infinite Add-Ons include Data Hotspot, Speed Pass, North America Connect, and International Connect.

How many lines can I add to my Boost Infinite account?

You can add five lines to your account at the same prices each time: $25/mo. for each Unlimited line and $50/mo. for each Unlimited+ line.

Do Boost Infinite lines share data when they are on the same account?

No, each of your lines will have its own data to use. Each line gets 30 GB of high-speed data per month and unlimited standard data.

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