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Must-See Police and Crime Shows on DISH

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Jan 12, 2024

American detective, police, or crime shows are tops on many viewers’ lists, and DISH has an awesome selection for everyone. 

For DishLATINO programming, you’ll sometimes see shows translated into Spanish. While Hispanic channels mostly air narco-series and other originals, watching Cops, Law & Order, and Criminal Minds in your native language is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Networks such as Telemundo, TelevisaUnivision, Caracol TV Internacional, Antena Tres Intencional, and TV Española Internacional adjust their lineups based on what viewers want and the time of year. Along with their originals, no doubt you’ll find some all-time great shows on these channels.

Detectives at crime scene

Crime shows keep you alert

Expand your choices no matter the language

The biggest English package on DISH has over 290 channels with a wide variety of police and crime shows inspired by real stories that will grab your attention.

Not all police and crime shows are alike. Each genre has unique qualities.

Police shows, a subtype of procedural dramas and detective stories, spotlight investigations by officers, detectives, or agencies. Procedural dramas emphasize technical details and solved cases. They are often produced as documentaries. Detective stories, though, are a crime and mystery drama subtype centered on investigating crimes, usually murder.

No matter your favorite genre, DISH, your preferred satellite TV provider, has something for you. Just check out the lineups of top networks and dive right in.


Dester on a TV screen

Follow network’s programming

Here are some recent headline-making shows:

CBS Thrills with Top-Notch Police and Crime Shows

Start with FBI, an action-packed drama following FBI ops in New York.

Throughout the show, FBI agents tap their skills, smarts, and technical know-how to handle big cases to keep New Yorkers safe. The elite agents work overtime on terrorism, organized crime, and counterintelligence cases.

FBI looks to thrill audiences season after season.

But other shows spin off the original FBI. There’s FBI: International, about the International Fly Team. This branch tackles cases abroad which involve American citizens and global threats.

The show tracks a team navigating tricky international cases across many countries. To complete their mission, they take on international crime, terrorism, and threats worldwide.

The FBI agents stationed in Budapest cover Europe. They neutralize dangers to Americans, and risk their lives to protect the US.

On CBS, you also have the opportunity to watch FBI: Most Wanted, which focuses on a team within the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force. This force is responsible for tracking and capturing the most wanted criminals across the United States. The show follows the team’s efforts as they pursue highly dangerous fugitives.

The FBI’s Fugitive Task Force falls under Special Agent Remy Scott, key in all investigations.


Man watching TV

A great variety of series

If you prefer real-life cases, watch The FBI Declassified. The series explores once-classified ops, with interviews, archival footage, and dramatizations.

The show aims to shed light on FBI work and its fight on crime and national security threats. It’s made by the Emmy-winning team behind CBS News’ 48 HOURS.

Another reality-focused show is FBI True. It goes behind the scenes with agents discussing their most dangerous cases. The agents disclose new details on how they foiled criminal and terrorist plots.

One episode covers “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” showing how the agency was on Osama Bin Laden’s trail pre-9/11.

Another CBS hit is Chasing the Olympic Bomber, a miniseries covering the 1996 Atlanta Olympics attack. It focuses on the aftermath and hunt for Richard Jewell, a guard wrongly named as a suspect. Viewers see how the FBI investigation impacted Jewell’s life.

This show received a lot of praise for how it portrayed the events and delved deep into the complexities of law enforcement and media scrutiny.

In Vegas, not everything stays secret, as CSI: Vegas shows. It follows the iconic early 2000s CSI.

A skilled forensic team employs cutting-edge methods to excel in their field. They analyze evidence to get the truth. The show blends crime procedurals and personal backstories.

Don’t overlook NCIS: Hawaii either. It tracks NCIS agents who solve military and national security cases in paradise. Beyond the postcard-worthy landscape, the show spotlights the team’s determination tracking down leads.

NCIS: Sydney merges a Navy group from the US with the Australian Federal Police to curb naval crime. The American and Aussie members quickly build trust despite their differences to collaborate and crack cases.

CBS also has Blue Bloods about Reagan’s clan legacy.

The show fuses crime-solving and family bonds, starring Tom Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. He faces ethical dilemmas on the job.

Blue Bloods explores the family’s police work and ideals of justice.

Man eating popcorn while watching TV

DISH cares about you

NBC Fights for Viewers Too

Flip to NBC for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This long-running drama follows the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit, led by the tireless, empathetic Detective Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay. The team works round the clock supporting victims and nailing perpetrators.

Beyond seeking justice, the show spotlights how these horrific crimes impact victims, families, and investigators.

A spin off, Law & Order: Organized Crime, tracks Elliot Stabler heading an organized crime unit after years away. Stabler navigates the underworld to take down criminals, while handling his past and the fallout of his actions.

For real and shocking cases, Snapped profiles women involved in murder. Through interviews and analysis, it attempts to explain motives and circumstances.Watch Snapped and discover the startling nature of these female-driven homicide cases.

NBC also broadcast Accident, Suicide or Murder, a series which explores suspicious deaths initially labeled as accidents or suicides. Through interviews and expert analysis, investigators puzzle out what truly happened in each complex case.

No list is complete without Chicago P.D. The series tracks the intelligence unit led by Sergeant Hank Voight.

The show follows detectives as they tackle crimes in the Windy City. The agents do everything in their power to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. But their responsibility is not easy, especially when they face ethical challenges.

Crime series on a streaming platform

Catch some of your favorite series on TV

More Crime Dramas on FOX

FOX broadcasts Accused, a British anthology series which features standalone episodes where each story revolves around individuals accused of a crime. The show explores their lives, relationships, and the events around the crime.

Beyond this, Fox features Alert: Missing Persons Unit and other series in the genre.

Binge Faves Anywhere with DISH

With DISH, tons more crime and mystery shows are at your fingertips. Technology allows you to watch your series at any place with DISH Anywhere.

Dish Anywhere enables DISH viewers to stream live or recorded shows and access on-demand entertainment from their Dish receiver on various devices. This means you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and DVR recordings on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs while on the go!

If you choose to record the show with your Hopper Smart HD DVR, you may know this:

  • The Hopper enables simultaneously recording multiple shows
  • Its large capacity allows storing lots of content to watch whenever
  • The PrimeTime Anytime feature auto-records primetime network hits
  • For certain recordings, AutoHop lets you skip commercials
  • Integrated with Dish Anywhere so you can access recordings, live TV, and on-demand entertainment remotely on devices
  • Provides a personalized viewing experience

Be sure to check out network streaming apps too for more options. Call DISH pronto to enjoy the best crime drama lineup around!

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