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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the DISH Anywhere™ app from the app store.
  2. Log in using your online ID.
  3. Click on the Blockbuster @Home logo.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Online ID (if you do not have an online ID, go to to create one).
  3. Browse through available titles and click on any unlocked title to watch it instantly on your computer.
  1. Ensure your receiver is connected to The Internet. Not connected? Go to
  2. Press the DVR button on your remote.
  3. Select Blockbuster @Home from the DISH On Demand menu.
  4. Select Show Results to display all available titles or narrow your results by selecting from the criteria on the left, such as Genre or Rating.
  5. Highlight the title you want to watch and press Select on your remote to start watching instantly.

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There are no additional monthly fees—pay once for your DISH TV subscription and take it everywhere. Download the free DISH Remote Access app or log in with your computer to DISH Remote Access or to watch your TV on the go.

Watch your TV on your compatible smartphone, laptop, or tablet anywhere you can connect to high-speed Internet or over a 3G cellular data plan. How does watching live TV or DVR over my computer or mobile device work? Your Internet-connected receiver uses Sling® technology to compress your television signal and make it available over the web so you can watch TV anywhere you can access high-speed Internet. When viewing on a mobile device, use the DISH Remote Access app to access your DISH receiver.

Live TV and DVR content is available to DISH subscribers with a ViP® 922 SlingLoaded™ DVR or a Sling® Adapter with a ViP® 722 or 722K HD DuoDVR. The DVR must be connected to high-speed Internet. Online content is available to anyone at Thousands of videos are available for free. As a DISH subscriber, even more content is available to you on demand based on your programming package.

Live TV: Unlimited access to any channel you subscribe to through DISH Network 
DVR Content: Any TV show or movie recorded on your DVR 
Online Content: Access to thousands of TV shows and movies at