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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
Existing DirecTV customer?

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DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
Plus Exclusive Offers Available!
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Hopper Plus vs DISH Hopper 3: Pros, Cons, and More

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jul 05, 2024 | Pub. Jun 13, 2024

If you love watching TV, movies, or series and don’t want to miss anything, the Hopper Plus along with the DISH Hopper 3 is what you need. With these devices, you can not only access thousands of live shows and On Demand content but also record what you want and enjoy a next-level user experience.

Some people think that the Hopper Plus is a DVR that can be used independently like the Hopper 3, but that’s not the case. The Hopper Plus is a receiver that you can add to your satellite TV plan if you already have the DISH DVR, Hopper 3. It’s what is known as an add-on, and it doesn’t matter if you have one TV at home or several units; you can get it.

Although the Hopper 3 and Hopper Plus are different products, it’s important to understand their similarities, differences, and functionalities before deciding whether you want both devices or not.

The first thing you need to know is that the Hopper Plus connects to the Hopper 3 to integrate the Android system into your TV. But each has many more features you should understand.


Young lady watching TV

Expand your programming offerings with the Hopper Plus

DISH Hopper 3 Features

The Hopper 3 allows you to record up to 16 shows simultaneously and has a storage capacity of 2 TB, which equates to over 2,000 hours of recording [1].

Other functionalities include:

  • Access to more streaming apps
  • Multi-view feature (allows you to watch up to four programs at the same time on your screen)
  • Better support for multiple user profiles with personalized content recommendations
  • AutoHop function to skip commercials
  • Integration with smart home devices
  • Advanced voice remote control
  • 4K streaming quality [2]
  • 3D audio compatibility
  • Connectivity with Sling technology
  • Parental control settings
  • Ability to connect wireless speakers or headphones with the Hopper
YouTube on TV

Find your favorite show on YouTube

DISH Hopper 3 Pros

The Hopper 3 offers a great advantage for families with different programming preferences. Each member can record their favorite shows and watch them at their own pace.

Additionally, the Hopper 3’s technology is superior to competitors like the Xfinity X1 and DIRECTV Genie.

Moreover, its price is affordable.


Remote control on hand

Use just one remote control for everything

DISH Hopper 3 Cons

Although its price is reasonable, it comes with an additional cost and may consume more energy.

Furthermore, the initial setup can be complex, and you might need a technician’s assistance. Additionally, keep in mind that the Hopper 3 is relatively large, which can be an inconvenience if you have limited space.

Another disadvantage is that it may not be compatible with older TVs or entertainment systems that do not support 4K or lack the necessary connections. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because the advantages are numerous, and modern TVs meet these requirements.


TV on

Integrate your TV’s Android system with the Hopper devices

Hopper Plus Features

The Hopper Plus maximizes your viewing experience. It allows you to record your favorite shows in high definition, choose what you want to watch on-demand, and make changes to settings at any time.

Other functionalities of the Hopper Plus include [3]:

  • Operates as a DVR, although it cannot be used independently
  • Has its own hard drive, so it does not take capacity from the Hopper 3
  • Manages streaming apps from the Google Play Store, as well as the Android TV home screen
  • Access to around 10,000 apps, including music, games, sports, or programs in other languages from any TV in the house
  • You can navigate, record, and use apps via the DISH voice remote
  • Enjoy your favorite shows from your mobile device with Google Chromecast
  • Increases the storage capacity for recorded content
  • Avoids the hassle of using more than one remote control to access the content you want
  • Compatible with remote controls 54.3 or 54.1 [4]
  • You only need to install a small box to access apps not yet available on the Hopper 3
  • Connect your smart devices with Bluetooth connectivity


Remote control

Access your apps with the DISH voice remote

Hopper Plus Pros

The Hopper Plus expands the benefits of the Hopper 3 and is ideal for those seeking an all-in-one entertainment solution. Its enhanced recording capacity, along with ease of use, makes it a formidable option for all families.

The Hopper Plus offers several useful features, such as the Primetime Anytime function. This feature automatically records favorite primetime shows from channels like NBC, FOX, and CBS, among others. It also provides access to hundreds of free On Demand movies and shows.

Some of the apps you can access with the Hopper Plus include Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Showtime, HBO Max, Spotify, and many more.

The Hopper Plus can be linked to any TV in the house with the Joey 4, so you don’t have to limit yourself to the main station to enjoy all its features.


DISH receiver

Make sure you have a stable Internet connection for streaming

Hopper Plus Cons

The Hopper Plus increases the costs of your satellite TV plan. Besides the initial price, additional monthly fees may apply for extra storage and other premium functionalities.

Many of its advanced features depend on a stable Internet connection.

Like the Hopper 3, you might need a professional for installation. However, it’s worth it.

Is the Hopper Plus Right for Me?

The Hopper Plus is a dream come true for everyone. The only thing you need to consider is if your budget allows you to indulge. The decision is in your hands, but in terms of efficiency, you won’t regret having the DISH Hopper 3 and Hopper Plus at home.

Make the decision now! Call DISH today and choose your satellite TV plan with DVR without regrets. Fun is guaranteed!


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