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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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Get an extra $100 gift card on a qualifying internet package

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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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DishLATINO: Best soap operas and series in Spanish

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Oct 24, 2023

Do you prefer soap operas or series in Spanish? You don’t even have to choose– with DishLATINO, you can have it all!

Many Hispanics grew up watching soap operas with their families. This fun activity is a significant part of popular culture in many Latin American countries. Although television has evolved, the interest in high-quality Spanish productions remains strong.

If we’re going to talk about “narco series," we have to mention El Señor de Los Cielos, La Reina del Sur, Pablo Escobar, El Patrón del Mal, El Capo, and Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso. These stories about organized crime and drug trafficking are based on real-life events and have captivated the Hispanic audience in recent years.

One of the most watched has been El Señor de Los Cielos, inspired by the life of the drug trafficker Armando Carrillo. Carrillo’s story is highly captivating, so Telemundo Global Studios, Argos Comunicación, and Caracol TV (in the first season) produced the series.


Cocaine in a suitcase

Carrillo, the leader of the Juárez Cartel, was a partner of Pablo Escobar, who used a fleet of Boeing 727s to transport drugs. After Escobar’s death, Carrillo positioned himself as the world’s primary cocaine supplier. Although Carrillo died at the age of 40 in 1997, he left a trail of unforgettable crimes. The series portrays every aspect of the drug dealer’s life with some fictionalized elements. Rafael Amaya plays the main character of the series, who is a stand-in for Carrillo named Aurelio Casillas.

Besides El Señor de los Cielos, you can watch many series on DishLATINO.

Cars and luxury objects of Pablo Escobar in a museum

Romantic stories in Spanish that will make you sigh

If you enjoy classic and romantic stories, Pasiones is one of the best channels for you. Here, you can relive the drama of Inolvidable, Infieles, Xica da Silva, Rastros de Mentiras, Lado a Lado, Gabriela, Sila, La Prepago, La Vida Sigue, and many other soap operas that have made you cry and fall in love. This channel features the best soap operas of all time.

With Spanish TV packages, you will also get programming from Antena 3, which has captivated millions of people over the decades.

Antena 3 launched the worldwide phenomenon La Casa de Papel and many other productions that the audience will never forget, such as Farmacia de Guardia, Un Paso Adelante, Física o Química, Cristo Rey, La Ruta, Hermanos, and Upa Next. You can enjoy both new series and reruns of the most popular ones internationally.


Money Heist on screen with popcorn ready to eat

Azteca América

This channel’s wide range of options includes Amor en Custodia, known internationally as Pasiones Prohibidas. This soap opera by Emilia Lamothe aired between 2005 and 2006. Soap opera lovers have categorized it as one of the best ever produced.

Pasiones Prohibidas follows the life of Juan Manuel Aguirre, who works in the fields with his wife Gabriela and his daughter Tatiana. But everything changes when Juan Manuel goes to a job interview to become the foreman. There, he meets Paz Achaval-Urien, co-owner of a family brewery.

Azteca América is also the birthplace of Fábrica de Sueños, which tells the love story of two couples from different social classes.

Classic soap operas available on DishLATINO

Azteca America also featured Mirada de Mujer, starring Angélica Aragón, Ari Telch, and Fernando Luján in 1999. This production left a mark on the history of Mexican television for its theme.

The story revolves around María Inés, a 50-year-old woman who decides to pursue her youthful dreams despite being married. After her husband’s infidelity, she finds love again with a man 16 years younger than her. Mirada de Mujer caused a scandal at the time of its broadcast.

Another successful production by Azteca América was the remake of the soap opera Café, Con Aroma de Mujer, under the name Cuando Seas Mía.

It also features Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basáñez, with Cristiana, Rodrigo Abed, Anette Michel, and Margarita Gralia.

Café, Con Aroma de Mujer centers on Paloma, an ordinary coffee picker at the Casa Blanca hacienda. When the owner passes away, Paloma ends up at the funeral, where she crosses paths with one of his grandkids, a guy named Diego. Love sparks at first sight, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

The death of the hacienda owner unravels a tangle of jealousies and intrigues over the inheritance.

Couple in a romantic scene

Las Estrellas

The excellent lineup from Las Estrellas includes Corazón Indomable and Cadenas de Amargura, a classic that premiered in 1991 but continues to be popular. Additionally, you can enjoy La Usurpadora, Rubí, Sortilegio, Amores Verdaderos, and Rebelde. Rebelde became a global phenomenon, and its protagonists are also the stars of the band RBD.

The latest on the grid

One of the newest series is El Conde: Amor y Honor, starring Ana Brenda and Fernando Colunga. It marks the debut of both actors on Telemundo after successful careers at TelevisaUnivision.

The story follows Alejandro, a humble peasant who endured years of torment after being wrongly imprisoned for a man’s murder. After 17 years of captivity, he hatches a plan to seek vengeance against those who betrayed him.

Another recent production is Juego de Mentiras, starring Altair Jarabo. The rest of the cast includes Rodrigo Guirao, Cynthia Klitbo, and Eduardo Yáñez.

The story unfolds as César’s life takes a sudden turn when his wife vanishes, and all clues indicate he is the prime suspect.


Women almost crying while watching TV

Spend time with your favorite Hispanic actors!

On DishLATINO, you will also find stories like Vuelve A Mi. Nuria, a poor woman, sees her life crumble when her son Andrés is kidnapped. From that moment on, Santiago becomes her support, and they fall in love. The series stars William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas.


Univision captivated the audience with Perdona Nuestros Pecados. The soap opera is inspired by its Chilean namesake and is a classic story of forbidden love. A wealthy young woman rejected by her father receives the unconditional support of a priest who ends up becoming the love of her life.

Emmanuel Palomares, Oka Giner, and Jorge Salinas are the protagonists of the story.

Maybe Eternamente Amándonos, Pienso en Ti, Vencer la Culpa, and Minas de Pasión also sound familiar to you. No matter which one is your favorite, you can watch it on DishLATINO.

Add streaming services like TelevisaUnivision’s Vix to upgrade your experience. The “cherry on top” is that you can also watch Amazon Prime and Netflix on DISH.

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