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Transform your viewing habits with the Hopper 3 Smart HD DVR and the new Hopper Plus. It’s more than just TV – enjoy live and record programs, top streaming applications, intuitive smart home management, and an array of games and music at your fingertips.

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LIMITED TIME! Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.

Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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Get an extra $100 gift card on a qualifying internet package

DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
Plus Exclusive Offers Available!
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¡TIEMPO LIMITADO! Recibe una tarjeta regalo de $100 al contratar un servicio de DISH TV que califique.

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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
Existing DirecTV customer?

Consigue una tarjeta regalo adicional de $100 en un paquete de Internet válido

DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
Plus Exclusive Offers Available!
Existing DirecTV customer?

Why Customers Are Switching to DISH Network From DIRECTV

Harry Emerson / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Oct 10, 2022

If you’re a satellite TV customer, chances are you’ve been with DIRECTV for a long time. While DIRECTV has been the popular choice for sports fans for many years, DISH Network has slowly climbed the popularity ladder and become a hit with satellite TV customers.

DISH Network offers its customers transparent pricing and a two-year price guarantee. They have built-in streaming apps, Bluetooth audio, and the DISH Hopper – the best DVR option in the market. What’s not to love? Here’s why customers are switching to DISH Network from DIRECTV.

6 Reasons Why DISH Network Is Better Than DIRECTV

Although the quality of the satellite service doesn’t vary much from either provider, plan options and features do. DIRECTV’s sustained customer loyalty is mostly attributed to their sports packages and channels; in particular the NFL Sunday Ticket. However, DISH Network offers a consistent variety of channels and programming at a fraction of the cost that DIRECTV charges.

Here are the main reasons why customers are making the jump to DISH Network.

Only DISH Gives You Access to Voice Remote with Google Assistant

With DISH, looking for your favorite shows takes a few seconds. The Google Assistant available through your DISH remote makes it easier for you to plan your day and set up recordings, look up game scores, and more. Plus, the Google Assistant will also be able to control other smart devices around your home, like temperature or your lights.

Only DISH Guarantees Best Year-Over-Year Pricing

Although both DIRECTV and DISH Network offer similar rates throughout the first year, only DISH Network continues the promotional price throughout the second year. DIRECTV customers often complain about price spikes following the end of the first-year contract. With DISH Network, customers are guaranteed continuity with the same affordable rates without sacrificing the quality of programming.

Only DISH Provides You With the Best Equipment – Including the Hopper

Even though DIRECTV includes their equipment as part of the package price, it doesn’t compare to the first-rate equipment you get with DISH Network. DISH is known for its DVR equipment, which includes The Hopper 3 – a DVR with the capability to record up to 16 shows at the same time and store over 2,000 hours of SD DVR space. Moreover, DISH has a voice remote with a built-in mic that allows customers to talk directly into it to find their favorite shows that much faster.

Only DISH Gives You Top-Rated International Programming

For anyone that’s looking to catch up on international shows or wants to watch programming from their home country, you’re in luck. DISH Network is a customer favorite because of its variety of international channels. They offer channels and programming in 28 languages, considerably more than DIRECTV’s eight-channel selection. Some of the international channels included in the basic international channel package are BBC America, Alebrije, and ALMA.

Only DISH Gives You More Bang For Your Buck and Flexibility

With DISH Network, you don’t have to worry about expensive TV packages with little variety. DISH Network offers 190 of your all-time favorite channels, plus a free voice remote with Google Assistant, and a DVR for just $69.99/mo. Don’t forget that this is all backed by their two-year price guarantee, so there won’t be any price surprises at the end of your first-year contract.

Only DISH Guarantees Continued NFL Coverage

Whether in-season or out, DISH’s channel 154 – the NFL Network – keeps you updated with anything going on in the NFL. While the NFL Sunday Ticket has driven many customers to DIRECTV, the popular NFL package will no longer exist at the end of the 2022 NFL season.Yet another reason why you should make the switch to DISH TV for guaranteed NFL coverage.

Other Features DISH Network Offers That DIRECTV Doesn’t

  • Ability to skip commercials and record primetime programming on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX
  • Record and stream live TV on your DVR
  • Option for you to watch live channels, recordings, and anything OnDemand from wherever you are
  • No limitations on where you can watch recordings. Equipped for Whole Home Entertainment.
  • Bluetooth audio

DISH Network Facts

  • Provides services to almost 20 million customers
  • First satellite company to be building America’s First Smart Network
  • Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D.Power
  • 99% Signal Reliability

Ready to Make the Switch?

Switch to DISH Network now and you’ll be eligible for a $100 gift card.

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