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Child Stars on DishLATINO

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Feb 02, 2024

Child stars captivate the Hispanic audience through DishLATINO [1]. The extensive TV lineup from the satellite provider highlights young Latin and Turkish artists succeeding in telenovelas and more.

Many of them play leading roles in stories that pull at your heartstrings. You can watch series and soap operas on Telemundo and Univision. DISH has over 270 channels for you to choose from. Spanish-language programs not only captivate native Spanish speakers but also second and third generations of Hispanics [2].

Check out this list of child stars and pick out your faves.

Woman with TV control on hand

Child stars light up the screen

Mexican Child Stars Making It Big

André Sebastián is one of the most popular kids in Mexico. He recently appeared in Telemundo’s telenovela Vuelve a Mi, playing Andrés García.  In the story, he plays a boy who is kidnapped. His mother, played by Samadhi Zendejas, struggles to find him. She acts alongside talented Cuban actor William Levy who falls in love with her.

Sebastián first stepped in front of the camera at age three after telling his mom he wanted to be an actor. At the time, he thought it would be a one-time gig before going back to normal life. However, his natural talent in front of the cameras opened more opportunities that still continue today. He’s now one of TV’s most beloved celebrities.

Sebastián also acted in Mi Fortuna Es Amarte and Mi Camino Es Amarte on TelevisaUnivision. He played key roles, acting with Daniel Zepeda, Susana González, Gabriel Soto, Mark Tacher, and Ximena Herrera.

This boy has a lot of talent, so get ready to see him lighting up Spanish programming on DishLATINO for many years.


Girl on from of the mirror

Young characters have special appeal

André Sebastián wasn’t the only child star in Mi Camino es Amarte. The show also starred Camille Mina as Isabella, the adopted daughter of Daniela and Fausto, played by Susana González and Mark Tacher. Later in the story, Isabella meets her biological father Memo, played by Gabriel Soto.

This little Mexican star has also been on Golpe de Suerte and Los Caminos del Amor.

In Mi Camino es Amarte, viewers could also discovered the talent of Mía Martínez, who played Isabella’s BFF.

Mía Martínez gained popularity for her role as Clarita in Univision‘s Vencer el Desamor. She acted alongside well-known actors such as Daniela Romo, Claudia Álvarez, David Zepeda, and Altair Jarabo.

The actress has also been on shows like Esta Historia Me Suena and Como Dice el Dicho.

Who hasn’t seen Leonardo Herrera? This child has won over Mexican and Hispanic viewers in America. Despite being a child, he has already acted in S.O.S Me Estoy Enamorando and Te Doy La Vida.

In 2021’s S.O.S Me Estoy Enamorando on Las Estrellas, Leonardo plays Federico “Fede" Miranda Fernández. A man named Alberto, played by Daniel Arenas, saves Fede from a fire and then falls for his mom Irán Castillo.

In Te Doy La Vida,Herrera plays a 6-year-old boy with leukemia who needed a bone marrow transplant. His on-screen parents are Eva Cedeño and Jorge Salinas.

Zóe Torres is also a child star. She worked in Soltero con Hijas, Sin Miedo a La Verdad, La Rosa de Guadalupe, and Quererlo Todo.

She has also been on mega-hits like Los Ricos También Lloran with Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli and La Herencia starring Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa.

Lara Campos is another talented kid, playing different characters in La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, La Mexicana y El Güero, Corona de Lágrimas, and Cita a Ciegas. In La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, she played Paloma, the daughter of Ariadne Díaz’s character Estela. She made her debut on the show at only 4 years old!

In La Mexicana y El Güero, she was cast as Melody Nava, the daughter of characters played by Julio Camejo and Laura Vignatti.


Girl with adult

Childhood talent emerges early

Another early success was on the mega-hit Corona de Lágrimas. There, she portrayed the daughter of Alejandro Nones’ character Patricio Chavero and Olga Ancira, played by Adriana Louvier. She also got to work with veteran actress Victoria Ruffo, who played her grandmother Refugio.

In Cita a Ciegas, Campos played Naty. The show was a successful adaptation of the Argentine telenovela 100 Días Para Enamorarse. She acted alongside lead Sofía Garza and seasoned actors Arturo Peniche and Victoria Ruffo.

Campos also appeared on the series Silvia Frente a Ti, which aired on Univision and is now streaming on Apple TV.

Kenneth Lavill is another rising child star who shot to fame on the reality show Pequeños Gigantes. After his stage debut, he continued down the acting path.

He got a part on a TV show called Contigo o Sin Ti. He played Memo, a boy who had trouble walking but then became a singer.


Girl on front of the camera

Catch your favorite child stars

Child Stars from Turkish Dramas

Child actors are also livening up Turkish series that are broadcast in Spanish on Univision and Telemundo.

First up is Isabella Damla Güvenilir, who played Elif starting at just five years old on the show of the same name.

Elif is an orphan sent to live with relatives who then faces many tough challenges.

Beren Gökyildiz captivated audiences in Madre. But she really shone playing Öykü in Mi Hija.

The plot of Mi Hija revolves around Öykü, a little girl separated from her mom at birth and adopted by a wealthy family. She is portrayed as a sweet, smart girl who withstands various difficult situations and later discovers the truth about her roots.

On the other hand, Emre Mete Sömnez landed the role of 5 year-old Ömer in Ömer: Sueños Robados.

The telenovela follows a boy given away by Durmus, a man planning to sell him. But when Durmus lands in jail, his daughter Meryem raises Ömer as a brother.

Another young Turkish drama star is Ömer Segvi, who played Ismet on Nuestra Historia.

Ismet is the youngest of the Elibol family. After their mother abandons the children, big sister Filiz takes care of her siblings, who hope for their mother’s return. But father Fikri believes Ismet will lift them from poverty by becoming a famous actor.


Mic on hand

Enjoy young actors and singers

From Child Stars to Famous Adults

Many child actors continue successful careers into adulthood. Whether they appear on classic telenovelas or current shows, you’ll keep seeing these artists who live on in viewers’ hearts even after their early roles.

This contributes to the ongoing growth of the acting industry in Mexico. As of the last quarter of 2023, there were 4.18k actors in the country [3]. What’s noteworthy is that this talent extends beyond borders, making its way onto the DISH screen.

Some Latin mega-stars launched their careers at a young age, like Ludwika Paleta of the classic Carrusel and Danna Paola from Plaza Sésamo in Mexico.

Others may remember Lucero’s career taking off on the Mexican kid’s show Chiquilladas before age 10. RBD star Anahí also got her start there.

Pop star Belinda began acting in the telenovela Amigos Por Siempre when she was only 10 years old. And legendary crooner Luis Miguel emerged at age 10 with his smash album Un Sol.

Actors, actresses and singers keep shining on DishLATINO’s Spanish channels. No matter how television evolves or viewers’ tastes change, their talent adapts. After scientist John Logie Baird transmitted the first images in 1926, the rest is history [4]

To see your favorite child stars, subscribe to DishLATINO’s Spanish programming and enjoy popular series, sports, movies, news, and much more. Call now!

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