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Hispanic actresses who play empowered women on DishLATINO

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Feb 06,2024 | Pub Jan 18,2024

DISH and DishLATINO feature lots of talented Hispanic actresses who play empowered roles. These stars inspire millions of women by portraying characters who pursue their dreams, make decisions, work hard, and take control.

DishLATINO has a whole roster of empowered women in Hollywood and in the best Mexican soap operas.

Famous inspirational Hispanic women on TV

One acclaimed actress on the list is Salma Hayek, known for roles in movies like The Hummingbird Project, Like a Boss, Bliss, Frida, and more.

In The Hummingbird Project, Hayek plays Eva Torres, a powerful finance executive. Eva joins the main characters in their risky plan to create a fiber-optic cable for high-frequency trading.

Her performance ramps up the tension as the characters chase financial gain.


Woman in a mountain

Characters who follow their dreams


In Like a Boss, she plays Claire Luna, a wealthy mogul who invests in a struggling cosmetics company run by Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne’s characters. Her cunning businesswoman clashes with them over her vision for the company.

In Bliss, Hayek plays the mysterious Isabel Clemens. Isabel challenges Owen Wilson’s character Greg’s sense of reality, introducing a trippy world that blurs dimensions and the nature of happiness. Hayek’s pivotal role explores what’s real.

Hayek’s acclaimed portrayal of iconic painter Frida Kahlo earned awards.

She brought to life the strong woman known for her vibrant style and exploration of identity, gender roles and post-colonialism through art.

Despite lifelong health struggles from a bus accident, Kahlo channeled her emotions into highly personal, often autobiographical paintings. Hayek captured every aspect of Frida’s bold personality, career and impact on Mexican culture.



Movies that impact people’s lives

Fights for good causes

Outside her acting success, Salma Hayek actively fights for good causes.

In 2007, she started the Salma Hayek Foundation, later called the Kering Foundation. The organization tackles violence against women and supports female empowerment. Beyond movie sets, this shows Hayek’s real dedication to challenging gender inequality affecting women worldwide. Through partnerships and fundraising events, the foundation has offered care, schooling and grants to survivors, plus raised awareness and promoted girl power.

The artist also lends a hand to charities like UNICEF. Her social efforts showcase how prominent Latinas use their fame and money to drive positive change.


Hollywood mountain

Great stories from Hollywood

More Mexican talent in Hollywood

Another empowered DISH woman is Eva Longoria from movies like Señorita Justice and Frontera.

In the action-comedy Señorita Justice, she plays lawyer Rebecca Fenton, or Miss Justice. After her friend’s murder, Longoria’s character takes justice into her own hands, using legal smarts and skills to investigate. 

In the drama Frontera, she plays Paulina Ramirez, wife of a sheriff tangled in a border tragedy. Paulina seeks answers and justice for her family despite prejudice. 

Series and soap operas empowered women

Remember Jane from Jane the Virgin? Gina Rodríguez played Jane Villanueva, a hardworking, devout young Latina in Miami whose life changes when a medical mix-up leads to artificial insemination. Despite the baby daddy drama, she works hard to raise her child.

Beyond English shows, dozens of Hispanic soap operas feature strong women.

A top example is Betty from 1999’s Yo Soy Betty, La Fea starring Ana María Orozco. It revolves around smart but “unattractive” Beatriz Betty Pinzón Solano facing workplace bullying about her looks, even as she impresses her boss at a fashion company.

Themes of the show include beauty standards and Betty’s transformation through love, friendship, and professional growth.

The soap opera was so popular it sparked Univision’s La Fea Más Bella with Angélica Vale and Telemundo’s Betty en NY with Elyfer Torres.

There’s also Livia Brito in Minas de Pasión as Emilia Sánchez, a single mom mine worker who falls for the son of the powerful owner. Fighting injustice despite retaliation, Livia shows women’s strength.


TV recording

Catch lots of talented Hispanic actresses

Impact of women’s roles in society

The roles depicted by these standout actresses on DishLATINO hold significance beyond entertainment. Flawed yet strong-willed Latina characters confront real-world issues of discrimination, injustice, and inequality. Their examples resonate profoundly with Hispanic viewers.

Seeing empowered women on screen striving despite obstacles provides inspiration. Their stories foster crucial conversations about machismo, racism, immigrant rights and gender stereotypes within Latino communities.

Having multi-dimensional Latina characters places positive emphasis on heritage. This is vital when minority identities and experiences have often been sidelined or misrepresented. Dynamic actresses are starting to shift old paradigms. In an increasingly inclusive entertainment world, this greater representation hints at more change coming.


Woman sewing clothes

Actresses represent many working women

Role models in real life

Another interesting fact is that Hispanic celebrities also inspire the public in real life as dedicated moms who do everything for their kids.  Some are also entrepreneurs.

One great example is Thalía, a popular singer and actress often seen at music awards and entertainment shows. This Mexican celebrity also manages a solid business.

Thalía sells her clothing collection, Thalía Sodi, at Macy’s and offers a Home Decor Collection online and at other stores.

Meanwhile, Sofía Vergara sells her clothing at Walmart.

Their success in entertainment and business leaves no doubt that ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

With DISH’s deals letting you catch these stars, what’s stopping you? Contact us to sign up for DishLATINO!