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Top Hispanic Chefs on Television

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Jan 05, 2024

Do you miss the flavors of your grandma’s cooking or the spices from your home country? Discover how to prepare delicious dishes taught by top Hispanic chefs featured on TV! DishLATINO TV packages include the shows you need to bring back those childhood memories.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can unite your family with recipes from Mexico, Peru, Spain, and the Caribbean by following these culinary stars. They bring authentic regional cuisine knowledge and blend it with international flavors to craft their signature dishes.

DISH provides an extensive range of channels featuring your favorite chefs.


Chefs at the kitchen

Relive the flavors of your childhood

Despierta America features Chef Yisus

You can find Chef Yisus from Venezuela on Univision.

Chef Yisus rose to prominence as a contestant on the Mexican version of MasterChef. Next, he became a recognizable figure on Univision. Now, is the assigned chef of Despierta América, the most-watched Spanish morning show in the United States. He demonstrates culinary skills and charisma on-screen.

Chef Yisus adds a distinctive twist to Asian-inspired dishes by infusing them with a Latin cooking style.



Delicious Hispanics Recipes

Food tour on TV with Hoy Día

Another kitchen personality on the morning show Hoy Día from Telemundo is Chef Rafa. The Venezuelan chef captivates the audience from Monday through Friday.

He advocates for a healthy kitchen, aiming to revolutionize people’s relationship with food. Chef Rafa shows that nutritious meals can be flavorful, rejecting the idea that healthy food must be tasteless.

Among the dishes that have won over the audience are pork belly croquettes, tamales, Biscayan-style cod, mole, chicken puff pastries, asado negro, and many other traditional Hispanic delicacies.

Telemundo has much more to offer. Several chefs have appeared on reality shows like Top Chef VIP and MasterChef Latino.


Camera recording market aisles

Spanish cooking shows

Top Chef VIP

The judges of Top Chef VIP are some of the most influential figures in the industry. Among them are Chef Antonio “Toño” de Livier, Chef Adria Marina Montaño, and Chef Juan Manuel “Juanma” Barrientos.

The flavor of the border

Chef Toño brings the flavors of Mexicali, Baja California. He has over 15 years of experience cooking and is an inspiration for the participants. This is why he holds high standards in evaluating everyone’s dishes on the Top Chef VIP series.

An iconic moment on the show occurred when Chef Toño conducted a VIP class for the contestants. He taught them how to prepare an Asian-style pork sirloin, which was a unique opportunity for them to learn from one of the best.

Chef Adria hails from the border area as well. Her career began with studies at the Culinary Art School of Tijuana. Next, she launched two highly successful food trucks in the region. She reached new heights when she founded the restaurant Georgina, blending French, Chinese, Sinaloan, and Japanese influences.


Sauteed vegies

Learn from the best

On the show, she gives valuable kitchen tips to the contestants. Her extensive professional background and her demeanor in each episode of Top Chef VIP have made her a favorite with the audience.

Chef Juanma, who earned a Michelin star for his restaurant Elcielo Miami, serves as an inspiration to all the show’s fans. In the first season, one memorable episode showed the participants taking charge of Juanma’s restaurant kitchen.

Like the other judges, Chef Juanma has appeared in all the seasons of Top Chef VIP. He has a keen eye to judge the candidates who fight to win.

Food enthusiasts can take note of his advice to try preparing gourmet meals at home.

Top Chef VIP also welcomes top-rated chefs as guests, and one of the most popular visitors was Chef Oropeza. During his visit in the first season of the show, he challenged the contestants to make quesadillas. Chef Oropeza has worked at Telemundo, Televisa, and is the author of four bestselling culinary books.

The best food reality series: MasterChef Latino

Another select group of chefs includes the stars of MasterChef Latino at Telemundo. The panel of judges consists of Chef Claudia, Chef Benito, and the Italian Chef Ennio Carota.

Chef Claudia has transitioned from being a contestant to becoming a judge on various shows such as Chopped, Chopped Jr., and MasterChef Latino. Most recently, Chef Claudia launched a new food travel show titled Taste of the Border on Discovery+.

Chef Benito Molina infuses Mexican flavors through the screen. The esteemed Mexican chef has also appeared on MasterChef Mexico. He was part of the show’s staff for seven seasons. The series was available on Azteca through DishLATINO.


Man cooking steak

Meats, fish, and lots of flavor

Chef Lorena Garcia

DishLATINO offers a more extensive selection. Viewers can watch Chef Lorena García across various TV programs, where she frequently appears as a guest.

Chef Lorena is known for her work on Vida Gourmet, Cocina Mundos, De Mañanita y El Arte del Buen Gusto, Sazón con Lorena García, Lorena en su Salsa, and El mejor de los peores. Her most recent successful show is Food Hunters.

She is the first Latina to have opened a restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip and is beloved by both Hispanics and Americans.

Chef Karlos Arguiñano

DISH features numerous icons in its programming. Another notable example is the Spanish chef Karlos Arguiñano.

Watch Cocina Abierta de Karlos Arguiñano on Antena 3. The veteran chef has taught how to prepare dishes such as stuffed prawns, turkey rolls with port sauce, fresh cod, and broccoli with poulette sauce. Each daily recipe on the show is a big temptation.

The chef has prepared over 6,500 recipes known for their ease of preparation, affordability, and the use of seasonal ingredients. Among his signature dishes, you’ll find endives with oranges, goat cheese, and almonds, seafood paella, Puerto Rican sancocho, and beef tenderloin with confit piquillo peppers.

Throughout his career, he is also recognized as the host of shows such as El menú de cada día, La cocina de Arguiñano, and Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina.



Learn how to bake

Latin cuisine spans continents

If you appreciate the Cuban flavor, you should watch Chef Pepín, who often appears on Univision and Unimás. Previously he worked on Despierta América.

DISH’s English programming features the renowned Spanish chef, Jose Andrés. His restaurant group has a powerful mission: ‘To Change the World Through the Power of Food,’ a value that is clear in each of his television appearances.

In September 2023, CNN launched the series José Andrés & Family In Spain. The chef embarks on a delightful journey filled with food, wine, and entertainment. He explores new places with his three American-born daughters, Carlota, Inés, and Lucía.

José’s new show takes viewers through some of the world’s finest food cities and regions, including Barcelona, Madrid, Andalucía, Lanzarote, and his birthplace of Asturias.


Asian food

DISH caters to your taste

Chef Aarón Sánchez

Chef Aarón Sánchez is a judge on FOX’s culinary competition series MasterChef and MasterChef Junior. Chef Aarón has appeared in several programs on Food Network, notably as a judge on Chopped and Chopped Junior, and as the host of Cooking Channel’s Emmy-nominated show Taco Trip. He has also hosted numerous Spanish-language shows such as 3 Minutos con Aarón, MOCOCHEFS, and most recently, El Sabor. You can follow him on DishLATINO.

On Food Network, you can occasionally watch Natalia “Boa” Rosario, a former contestant of Chopped Next Generation Chefs of America, Beat Bobby Flay, and most recently, Ciao House. This Chicago-based chef, who concentrates on crafting dishes that reflect her Boricua culture and Mexican influences, discovered her love for food during her teenage years. Now, she shares her passion for cooking on these popular TV series.

The list of Hispanic chefs on television seems endless. Every day, you have the opportunity to gather cooking tips from the best.

If you want to surprise your loved ones with a homemade Latin recipe, DishLATINO has got you covered. Learn more about the best deals in your area . Call now!


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