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DISH Excellence and Awards

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Apr 08, 2024 | Pub. Mar 15, 2024

When picking a satellite TV service like DISH, don’t just rush into it without doing your homework. It’s important to know the company that will be providing you with the service, what other customers have to say about them, and how strong they are in the market.

DISH Network is known for its excellence and can help you steer clear of future headaches. The awards and recognitions DISH has received are a good indication of what you can expect from this satellite TV service.

DISH Network Award List

DISH Network was named the number one Cable/Satellite TV Service Provider by J.D. Power in 2023, scoring the highest in Customer Satisfaction. They came out on top nationally among cable and satellite TV service providers in all four regions evaluated by J.D. Power [1].

But 2023 wasn’t the only time DISH won this award. They’ve been named number one for six years straight and have racked up more recognition than any other brand in the U.S.

Not only did DISH snag the top spot in Customer Satisfaction, but they also grabbed the #1 position in two out of the seven study categories: “Cost of Services" and “Billing and Payment," beating out other well-known brands. According to the leadership, this is all thanks to the company’s focus on delivering top-notch customer service and the best TV experience.

Aside from the recognition from J.D. Power, DISH Network has also earned an A+ overall rating from the Better Business Bureau [2]. This rating shows that the company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to ethical practices, resolved customer complaints quickly and satisfactorily, and maintained transparency in its operations. It also takes into account an analysis of local services.

DISH also won the “Best of Show” award at CES 2013 for the advanced technology in its Hopper 3, the most powerful DVR on the market [3].

And let’s not forget that DISH won the “Best of Show" award from Residential Systems at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association Expo for the Hopper 3 with Google Assistant integration in 2018. Their wireless signal meter was picked as the best in 2019.


Satellite TV antenna

Compare satellite TV providers


As a customer, you might look at factors like quality, variety of channels, customer service experience, pricing, and more to make your choice. DISH will tick all your boxes.

When it comes to channel selection, you can enjoy a wide variety of programming, including sports, movies, news, and entertainment in both English and Spanish. The top package offers over 270 channels on your screen. From HBO to Disney Junior for your kids, you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

DISH’s high-tech equipment will make your days much better. For instance, the Hopper 3 lets you record 16 shows at once and can store 2,000 hours of content. You’ll definitely have one of the most powerful DVRs on the market, which also allows you to skip TV ads with just a button press [4].

If you’re a sports fan, the Hopper 3’s Multi-view mode will make your life easier. Watch up to four shows at once with the best picture-in-picture TV viewing in the industry.

Another cool tech device is the DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant, which helps you surf, search, record, and use apps just by using your voice.

You can also count on the great signal coverage and the prices, which are affordable for every budget.


Remote control on hand

Use DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant


What packages do DISH and DISHLatino offer?

DISH Network offers several English packages such as America’s Top 120, America’s Top 200, and America’s Top 250. DISH also provides Spanish programming packages including DISH Latino Plus, DISH Latino Dos, and DISH Latino Max.

Can DISH TV be connected with multiple televisions?

With a Hopper Duo or Hopper 3 and extra receivers, (Hopper, Joey, or Wally), you can have DISH on seven TVs and 6 Joeys!

What happens to my DISH contract if I move?

You have options when it comes to moving. Call DISH if you want to transfer your service to your new address. If you can’t transfer, you may have other options available. DISH contracts typically last for two years, but the company gets that life happens and will work to find a solution.


Man holding a box

Call customer service to transfer your account

How do you deactivate added channels on DISH?

The DISH Flex Pack lets you create your own package by providing a base of 50 channels and allowing you to add themed packs such as kids channels, outdoor channels, news channels, and even music channels from Sirius XM. DISH packages such as America’s Top 120 and America’s Everything come pre-selected with top channels, but you can add or drop extras such as the Multi-Sports pack.

Can I use a computer monitor as a TV with DISH?

Yes! If it has HDMI input and is HDCP compliant, you can hook it up to your receiver and use it to watch television. Some monitors may also require an audio adapter, and Sling might be necessary if you want to watch streaming shows on it without connecting it to a computer. If you have more questions, check out


Man smiling while watching TV

Enjoy your favorite TV plan!

Is DISH Network Good?

DISH offers competitive prices and has received positive reviews from many customers. Just keep in mind, if any problems come up, you can always go ahead and make a complaint [5].  Your 4k Hopper 3 DVR and 4K Joey will provide cutting-edge image clarity for your 4K-equipped devices. The massive channel selection and customizable packages are unmatched for sports, movies, local TV shows, and international programming.

How Reliable is the DISH Network?

DISH Network invests in technologies and infrastructure to minimize disruptions and keep service quality consistent. DISH has a reliability record so solid (over 99% signal reliability) that they even offer a signal reliability guarantee [6].


Woman watching TV

More than 80,000 OnDemand programs and movies.

Is DISH Network Better than DIRECTTV?

Although this answer depends on your individual preferences, needs, and priorities, one advantage of DISH is that you get a 2-year TV price guarantee. No surprises on your bill!

The system automatically skips commercials on select primetime shows with the AutoHop feature.

You can watch all your shows wherever you want with DISH Anywhere, and you can enjoy over 80,000 OnDemand shows and movies.

Don’t waste time. Call now and get the plan that makes you happy!

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