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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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Get an extra $100 gift card on a qualifying internet package

DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
Existing DirecTV customer?

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DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
Plus Exclusive Offers Available!
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Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. May 24, 2024

Choosing your TV plan is a big decision, so make sure you’ve got all the facts before diving in. Let’s take a closer look at what DISH Network and DIRECTV bring to the table.

The most frequently asked general question is: which one is better? There isn’t an exact answer because it depends on your preferences. There’s not a significant difference in picture quality between DISH and DIRECTV. Live and On-Demand content from both providers is in 1080p high definition (HD), and both the DISH Hopper 3 and DIRECTV Genie support 4K content [1].

However, the notable difference is that DIRECTV functions not only as a satellite TV provider but also as an Internet TV provider.

Choosing between these two options is not an easy task. It’s not like choosing between pizza and tacos for lunch. You’ve gotta weigh factors like technology, channel lineups, pricing, and more.


Remote control

DISH and DIRECTV offer exclusive channels

DISH vs. DIRECTV Packages and Pricing Comparison

One of the biggest perks of DISH is its two-year price guarantee [2]. You don’t need to stress about rising costs or hidden fees, and you don’t even need a contract.

DIRECTV is more expensive, and the only way to guarantee the price is with a two-year contract. The satellite TV provider currently experiences significant price hikes after its two-year contract ends.

DISH introduces “price-stable TV" through its latest offer of a two-year TV price lock, coupled with complimentary installation. This not only makes DISH TV more affordable over time but also adds value to your investment.

When making a budget, you also have to consider equipment, installation, and early termination fees.

Consider that every service you sign up for comes with additional fees. Both DISH and DIRECTV charge an activation fee, as well as additional receiver fees.

Overall, both providers offer affordable plans, making your family’s needs or expectations crucial factors in making the decision.


Couple enjoying TV

Enjoy your favorite shows!

DISH Network vs. DIRECTV Sports Channels

DISH Network is the king of sports. You’ll find more than 20 channels such as beIN Sports, beIN, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FOX Sports, NBA TV, NBC Sports Network, TUDN, Big Ten Network, Lo Mejor de la Liga MX IPLL, Longhorn Network, MLB Network Alternate, NFL RedZone, NHL Network Alternate, Zona Fútbol, and much more. Although DISH offers a plethora of sports channels, some viewers prefer their entertainment and kids programming.

DISH provides access to top-notch soccer, NFL, and other programming narrated by renowned sports announcers. To determine which is best for you, consulting the complete channel guide is crucial.

Keep in mind that DIRECTV does not include beIN Sports, Big Ten Network, Lo Mejor de la Liga MX IPLL, Longhorn Network, MLB Network Alternate, NFL RedZone, NHL Network Alternate, Zona Fútbol, and others.


Family watching soccer on TV

DISH has extensive sports programming

DIRECTV vs. DISH Channel Lineup

What are some of the popular and premium channels you can find on DISH and DIRECTV? Look up the following table and identify some of your favorite channels. Please note that some extra charges may apply.


DISH and DIRECTV offer packages with different channel options. For example, on DISH, you’ll find America’s Top 250, America’s Top 200, and America’s Top 120 in English, as well as DishLATINO Max, DishLATINO Dos, and DishLATINO Plus in Spanish.

The America’s Top 250 package brings you movies, sports, news, and kids’ programming. Viewers can enjoy Paramount+, along with SHOWTIME, STARZ, and the DISH Movie Pack. This package includes the Hopper or HD DVR for free, allowing you to record over 2,000 hours of programming and save 16 shows simultaneously.

You also get the free DISH Voice Remote Assistant, enabling you to search across live and recorded TV, On-Demand, and streaming apps simultaneously. Additionally, you can follow your preferred shows on DISH Anywhere and access 70+ SiriusXM Music Channels.

America’s Top 200 includes premium commercial channels like Disney JR., Hallmark, TruTV, and National Geographic, along with all the features mentioned above.

America’s Top 120 includes channels such as Discovery, CNN, Nickelodeon, TBS, TNT, SyFy, Lifetime, The Weather Channel, and more.

You also receive free next-day installation on all DISH packages (where available).


Guy watching TV

Record your favorite shows with Hopper 3


If you are looking for Spanish programming on DishLATINO Max, viewers can enjoy more than 270 channels, as well as 80,000 On-Demand titles. Some of the best channels include TVE, Multimedios, ESPN Deportes, and Universo.

The DishLATINO Dos package includes more than 225 channels in Spanish and English, such as CNN, MLB, History Channel, Disney Channel, Antena 3, and more.

The most economical plan is DishLATINO Plus. The channel lineup includes E!, ESPN, Travel Channel, Univision, Telemundo, Cine Latino, and TUDN.

All Spanish TV plans offer three months of free movie channels.

DIRECTV offers the Premier package with over 185 channels, the Ultimate package with over 160 channels, the Choice package with over 125 channels, and the Entertainment package with over 90 channels. All packages require a two-year agreement.


Couple watching TV

Dismiss extra fees!

DISH Network and DIRECTV Pros and Cons

The perfect match doesn’t exist, but you can always find what’s best for you. However, to avoid making a mistake, it’s better to analyze the pros and cons of DISH and DIRECTV.


DISH vs. DIRECTV Equipment and Features


How is the big picture regarding DISH and DIRECTV technology? First, you need to know that DISH has the most powerful DVR on the market: the Hopper 3 [3]. It surpasses the Genie in recording capability with 2,000 hours of recording space, while the competitor’s receiver only has 500 hours of recording space.

What else?


Streaming and Apps

The DISH Anywhere app and DIRECTV app allow you to watch your favorite shows wherever you go on your mobile or tablet. DISH Anywhere is compatible with Android and iOS, giving you access to live TV, On-Demand content, and DVR recordings like the DIRECTV app. Another advantage is that you can protect your child thanks to parental controls.

Though DISH Anywhere offers a more intuitive user experience and you can set a timer for your convenience.


We’ve already mentioned that DISH installation is free, while DIRECTV charges $20. Additionally, you can ensure a smoother experience after your scheduled appointment. Check the technician’s photo on the app, monitor his location, and review your scheduled time to detect any changes or alerts.


TV receiver

Discover everything about DISH and DIRECTV receivers


Don’t forget about the FAQs; these address some of the most common questions [4].

What is one of the main differences between DISH Network and DIRECTV?

DIRECTV’s Genie DVR is more expensive, while the Hopper 3 from DISH also offers more storage capacity.

Is satellite TV available nationwide?

Yes, satellite TV is available nationwide, essentially anywhere you can set up a south-facing satellite dish. However, potential customers have to consider that some apartment buildings may not meet this requirement.

What is the best satellite TV offer?

DISH Network offers the best deal when you compare channel lineup vs pricing.

How does satellite TV work?

Satellite TV operates by transmitting television signals from satellites orbiting the Earth to satellite dishes installed on the ground. These signals are then received by satellite receivers, which decode them and convert them into the audio and video content that you can watch on your television. The process involves three main components: the satellite in space, the satellite dish on the ground, and the receiver connected to your TV. When you tune in to a specific channel, your receiver communicates with the satellite dish to locate and retrieve the corresponding signal from the satellite. This signal is then processed and displayed on your television screen, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of channels and programming.

Are DISH and DIRECTV the only satellite TV providers in the United States?

Yes, but you can also consider cable TV providers such as Xfinity, AT&T, and others.

Lastly, when weighing the options between DISH and DIRECTV, it’s essential to consider every factor, including the customer service experience.

While both providers offer compelling features, DISH stands out with its “price-stable TV" offer, providing a two-year price lock, ensuring affordability and convenience for subscribers.

If you’re ready to elevate your TV experience while saving money, consider subscribing to DISH today and unlock a world of entertainment without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out—make the switch to DISH and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies hassle-free. Subscribe now and experience the difference!

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