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Best TV Shows and Channels for Kids on DISH

Rosslyn Elliott / Updated May 18, 2023 | Pub. Dec 17, 2021

Looking for the best TV shows for kids? You’re probably wondering which TV shows your child will love that are also age-appropriate.

DISH TV packages provide a huge selection of family-friendly programming. With so many options, you can find lots of shows that will be both fun and positive for your kids. From traditional cartoons on Cartoon Network to classic family movies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

DISH Network makes it easy to choose TV shows that are good for your child’s healthy development. On the DISH Kids Pack, channels like Animal Planet, Nick Jr. and the Disney Channel are just the beginning! DISH also brings you the best-loved children’s programming of the past and present, including local channels like PBS Kids and ABC. This guide will help you discover the best TV shows and channels for kids on DISH, based on their ages and interests.

What is DISH Kids Pack?

DISH Kids Pack is a family-friendly collection of kids’ channels that DISH Network provides as an add-on to the Flex Pack. The channel choices are designed to supply great programming for kids of all ages, from toddlers through tweens. Best of all, the DISH Kids Pack comes with all-time favorites like Nick Jr. (Channel 169), and the Disney Channel (Channel 172). You’ll also get all the DISH kids channels on this list included with the DISH America’s Top 200 package!

Channels Included in DISH Kids Pack and America’s Top 200 Package

America’s Top TV Toddler Shows on DISH

One of the best things about DISH TV is the wide range of programming you’ll get for babies and toddlers. The TV shows you loved yourself are still playing on Nick Jr., Disney Channel Jr., and PBS Kids.

Of course, we all know that screen time should be limited for the littlest ones. That’s why it’s especially important to pick carefully, so that any time toddlers spend watching TV is spent on quality shows.

America’s Top 200 or the DISH Kids Pack can provide choices for DISH Network customers that will keep the entire household entertained for the best value. Here’s a tailored TV guide for babies and toddlers.


The Best TV Shows and Channels for Kids on DISH

Top Toddler TV Shows, in Order of IMDB Ranking

Peg & Cat, 7.9

Peg & Cat is a fantastic way to introduce toddlers and preschoolers to mathematical thinking. The animated show takes Peg and Cat through a series of math-based problems that reflect situations in real life. With music and cute characters, the show makes problem-solving fun and inviting. Peg & Cat is designed for 3- to 5-year-olds, and you’ll find it on PBS Kids.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, 7.4

Another TV favorite from PBS Kids is Daniel Tiger’s cartoon version of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. In this version, kids will spend 28 minutes with Daniel Tiger as he takes them through the neighborhood and talks to viewers directly. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is also popular with preschoolers and elementary school children.

Blue’s Clues & You, 6.9

The 90s classic is back again on Nick Jr. with a new host and a lot more episodes than in previous seasons. If you were a DISH Network customer in the late 90s, you probably remember when the show started on the Nickelodeon Network. Kids can now watch the improved version and join in the interactive hunt for paw print clues left by Blue the dog. The show keeps a gentle mood and educational focus that makes it perfect for toddlers. Catch Blue’s Clues & You on Nick Jr. (Channel 169).

Me & Mickey, 6.6

Mickey Mouse leads toddlers and preschoolers through everyday situations that help them learn to identify shapes, get ready for bed, make music, and pack up for school. Mickey also encourages little kids to dance and move with him. It’s a great way to keep kids active even when they’re watching a show. You’ll find Mickey & Me and other classic favorites like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. (Channel 172).

America’s Top TV Shows for 5- to 8-year-olds on DISH

Bluey, 9.6

This animated show follows the daily adventures of a cartoon dog family including Chilli (Mom), Bandit (Dad), and their two kids Bluey and Bingo. Each episode focuses on games and adventures that Bluey and Bingo invent to play together.

The show focuses on the importance of imagination while also showing family love and how to build relationships. You can watch Bluey on ABC (channel 7), on Disney Jr. (channel 172), or streaming through the Disney NOW and Disney + apps.

Crikey! It’s the Irwins, 8.4

This Aussie animal show follows Terri Irwin and Bindi Irwin in their adventures at the Australia Zoo and in the wild. The show’s tone is upbeat and positive as the family focuses on caring for the natural world. If your child is very sensitive, be aware that there is some content that might be tough, such as when the team treats animal injuries. But on the whole, viewers tend to highly recommend this show for ages 6 and up. You’ll find Crikey! It’s the Irwins on Animal Planet (channel 184).

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, 8.1

Scooby-Doo comes in about 12 different flavors on the Boomerang channel. This wholesome, goofy gang of mystery solvers is more than just entertainment. It’s an important part of childhood, and something your child will need to know just to get jokes as an adult. In other words, it’s not only fun to watch, but builds cultural literacy. There are several other classic cartoons of the same kind on Boomerang, including The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny on Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, and Yogi Bear. Find them on Boomerang (DISH channel 175).

Odd Squad, 6.6

This is one of the best shows to help kids aged 5-8 enjoy learning math. The show follows two kids who solve mysteries through addition, subtraction, and other grade-school math skills.

Kids love the show because as they watch the episode, they can hypothesize along with the characters on the screen. Kids can watch Odd Squad through PBS Kids on DISH.



older man and young girl watch kids TV on their couch

America’s Top Tween Shows on DISH

The DISH Kids package through DISH Network comes with plenty of choices for tweens to watch movies, TV shows, and more. DISH Kids channels include Disney Channel, Nicktoons, Animal Planet, Disney XD, and more. You can have all of them included as part of the DISH Kids Pack or through America’s Top 200.

Tweens are picky, and finding appropriate content for them can be tricky. The DISH Kids package still works well for them because it offers a lot of channels with custom programming for their age. They can also select different ways of watching their TV shows, either online through the internet (by using the DISH Anywhere app) or on TV with the whole family.

Top Tween TV Shows, in Order of IMDB Ranking

Milo Murphy’s Law, 7.6

As the descendant of the inventor of Murphy’s Law, 13-year-old Milo constantly feels like anything that can go wrong, will. Despite his seemingly bad luck, he is always prepared with a backpack full of supplies and a dose of optimism to get through the day. Tweens learn that overcoming obstacles is not impossible and thinking outside the box is often the answer. You can watch Milo Murphy’s Law on Disney XD (channel 174).

The Loud House, 6.9

The Nickelodeon network brings you The Loud House, a cartoon series that follows the craziness of the Loud family. They have 11 kids, 10 of whom are girls.

As the only boy, Lincoln is often caught up in girl-infused chaos. Either he’s running for the remote to gain control of the TV or giving up and sitting down while the girls give him a makeover. You can catch all their adventures on Nicktoons (DISH channel 178).

Sydney to the Max, 6.4

Sydney to the Max is a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a girl, her dad, and her grandmother all living in the same house. The series uses flashbacks to the dad’s teen years in the 90s. Tweens can see through these scenes that parents understand the hard parts of growing up more than tweens think they do. You can find Sydney to the Max on the Disney Channel (Channel 172).


logos of the channels included in DISH kids

America’s Top Teen Shows on DISH

Teens can vary as widely as adults in their TV preferences. Some older teens have the same liberty as adults to choose what they like to watch, and they may gravitate to edgier programming. Others like to stick with more light-hearted viewing.

Some teens still retain a love for animated shows, even as those innovative shows tackle more mature subjects. We’ll tell you about two of those shows below.

But there are endless choices with DISH. Your teen will find enormous variety on DISH’s many broadcast channels such as the Cartoon Network and all-movie channels.

One option teens may especially like is the DISH HBO Max Pack. When you order the HBO Max Pack from DISH, you not only get several HBO Live TV channels: you also get a sign-in for HBO Max. And if you’re using the DISH Hopper Plus, all your streaming services like HBOMax will be integrated on one user dashboard so you don’t even have to switch screens. You can click to HBO Max to watch streaming content instantly.

DISH makes your watching experience seamless, so you get the best in Live TV and streaming all in one place. That’s great for teens, who often like streaming apps like HBO Max that are now integrated with DISH Hopper Plus.

Top Teen TV Shows, in Order of IMDB Ranking

Gravity Falls, 8.9

Gravity Falls is an animated show that is beloved of tweens, teens and adults for its cleverness, cool animation, and mystery. To give you some idea of its high quality, Gravity Falls won 13 Emmy awards and racked up nominations for 36. Teens can watch the mystery unfold after twins Dipper and Mabel Pines go to spend the summer with their great-uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Gravity Falls appeals with the quirkiness and strangeness of small-town characters and their secrets. And every episode includes codes and cryptograms to help unlock secret messages. To watch Gravity Falls, tune in to Disney XD (channel 174).

The Last of Us, 8.9

This post-apocalyptic series features survivors after a global pandemic. A determined man is hired to smuggle a 14-year-old girl out of the danger zone, because she may hold the key to humanity’s survival. Based on a video game, the show has been a massive hit with a cumulative audience of 30.4 million viewers. Be aware that it is the darkest show on this list, and not for sensitive younger teens. You and your teen can see it on HBO Max through your DISH HBO Max subscription.

Adventure Time, 8.6

Another landmark animated show that teens often enjoy is Adventure Time. The TV series focuses on the fight between good and evil through the characters of Finn and his magical dog Jake in the Land of Ooo. The show matures in its themes and subjects as Finn ages over the seasons from 12 years old to 17 years old. For this reason, it may be more appropriate for mid- to late-teen years, but it all depends on the teen. The show is known for its wit and creativity. You can catch the show on Cartoon Network (DISH channel 176).

Abbott Elementary, 8.2

If your teen is more into warm-hearted comedy, you can’t beat Abbott Elementary. This series focuses on motivated teachers in one of the worst public schools in the country. The show brings lots of laughter but also inspiration. Abbott Elementary has already been nominated for 7 Emmy awards and has won 3 of them. Watch it together on HBO Max, where your streaming is included with your DISH HBO Max subscription.

Choosing Your Package for DISH Kids Programming

DISH Network has something for every young person, and you can help your kids or grandkids find shows they will love.

You can either sign up for the popular DISH TV package known as America’s Top 200, or order the DISH Flex Pack and add on the DISH Kids Pack. Both choices will give you access to the same terrific DISH channels for toddlers, tweens and teens.

Sometimes, children’s programming doesn’t get the credit it deserves for helping kids learn and get through life. One benefit of TV shows and movies is that they often teach lessons and show relationship-building skills. This is not something you can say about random browsing of the internet.

TV and movies have more structure and ask for more sustained attention and concentration than unsupervised internet browsing. Paying attention is an important skill for kids, and following a plot for half an hour or an hour is much better for a young mind than clicking through another link every 30 seconds.

So, as a parent, rest assured that you can find good shows for your kids! The best TV shows and channels for kids on DISH are about more than just entertainment. They will help your kids in school and in their social relationships. Role models and learning from good TV shows and movies can help your kids grow up well-adjusted and happy.