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Christian Channels on DISH in English and Spanish 

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Jan 29, 2024

Looking for Christian programming? As a viewer, you just need to know the best satellite TV options out there. DISH and DishLATINO offer lots of Christian channels in both Spanish and English.

Check out this guide to help you choose the right plan for you.

Christian Channels in English on DISH

First, let’s explore what DISH TV packages offer from American Christian networks.


Cross and people praising the Lord

Watch Christian channels in your language


Trinity Broadcasting Network Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is the largest and most-viewed Christian channel in America, says Nielsen [1]. TBN reaches over 100 million homes nationwide, bringing hope, encouragement, and faith-filled content to a huge diverse audience.

You can find TBN on DISH channel 260, accessible in 98% of households.

Some popular shows are Centerpoint, The Ramsey Show, Better Together, Praise, and more.

Centerpoint focuses on bringing hope and healing to the world through music and ministry. Hosted by Andrew and Dion Foster, each episode features spiritual leaders, life stories, and uplifting music that stirs the soul.

The Ramsey Show features money expert Dave Ramsey, known for advice on budgets, getting out of debt, and more.

Better Together is a relationship talk show featuring practical marriage counseling and guidance for strengthening marriages and families. The hosts are Willie and Elaine Oliver.

Praise celebrates uplifting gospel music and testimonials, showcasing world-class performances, compelling stories, and reflections on faith from top Christian artists and entertainers.

Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack features Wommack’s teachings and messages on his views of the gospel, grace, faith, healing, and applying Christian principles [2].

Many other TBN programs offer teachings, sermons, conferences, religious debates/discussions, and general spiritual content aimed to inspire Christian audiences.


Man silhouette with a bible background

Find sermons, Christian music, and more

Daystar Television

Daystar Television has all kinds of popular Christian programming. The lineup includes shows like Joyce Meyer Ministries: Enjoying Everyday Life, Pastor Robert Morris Ministries, Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin, Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack, and more.

Joyce Meyer is one of the top Bible teachers globally. As a bestselling author, her books have helped millions find hope and healing through faith in Jesus Christ [3]. On Enjoying Everyday Life, she shares wisdom on the mind, speech, emotions, and attitudes.

Robert Morris is the senior pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas-Fort Worth. You can watch him live on Daystar [4].

On Kingdom Connection, hosted by Jentezen Franklin, the pastor focuses on biblical topics, worship, and offers encouraging messages.

You can find insightful programming 24/7 on Daystar Television Network, an award-winning, faith-based network on DISH channel 263.

Besides great shows you can call 1-800-329-0029 or 1-800-664-0029 for prayer requests in Spanish.


Couple watching TV

Watch religious services at home

Christian Broadcasting Network

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) states that its mission is to preach the gospel and make disciples.

One pillar of the company is The 700 Club, which mixes sermons, interviews, and music such as hymns and gospel songs.

The network also hosts news and lifestyle shows like Faith Nation, Jerusalem Dateline, Miracle Living, and more.

Faith Nation is a newscast on CBN, typically covering current events, politics, and cultural issues from a Christian angle. It features interviews, discussions, and news analyses emphasizing faith and values. The show offers insights into the dynamic relationship between faith and politics.

Jerusalem Dateline focuses on news and happenings in the Middle East, especially Jerusalem.

On Miracle Living, Gordon Robertson and Ashley Key share inspiring true stories of people who have experienced God’s life-changing power. They explore the spiritual laws that provide access to God’s supernatural power, aiming to spread contagious faith.

The Christian Broadcasting Network has Spanish programming too, including Mundo Cristiano, Vida Dura, and Club 700 Hoy.

Mundo Cristiano is the Spanish CBN newscast. Vida Dura, hosted by Omar Morillo, highlights remarkable testimonies of people who faced major challenges but overcame them. The program shares stories from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and more.

Club 700 Hoy is a long-running CBN Christian talk show. It typically mixes news, interviews, stories, and discussions from a Christian perspective, offering spiritual insights, encouragement, and practical advice.

Like other Christian networks, CBN provides humanitarian aid and relief, with initiatives helping trafficking victims, providing clean water and disaster relief, medical outreach, economic empowerment, military families, and more. As a viewer you may contribute to these social initiatives.


Woman changing TV channel

Don’t miss your favorite programs

Hope Channel

Hope Channel is a global TV network focused on religious and spiritual content. The network is run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and offers faith-based programs on health, relationships, community service, and more. The programming aims to provide uplifting content emphasizing spiritual growth and wellness [5].

Popular programs include Bible HelpDesk, Cross Connection and Bible Heroes Battle.

Bible HelpDesk is a weekly Q&A show where panelists answer viewers’ biblical questions.

Cross Connection explores Jesus’ life, drawing from the Gospels. It links Christ’s sacrifice to our need for forgiveness.

The host is Oleg Kostyuk.

On Bible Heroes Battle, kids compete in contests testing their knowledge of the Bible.

The Hope Channel broadcasts in multiple languages to reach global audiences.


Family watching TV

An option for your family

Angel TV

Angel TV owns several Christian networks where you’ll find teachings, sermons, and Christian music. The content focus varies depending on the organization operating under the Angel TV brand.

Through DISH, you can find Angel One and Angel Two.


Priest celebrating mass

Catholics can watch Mass on TV


Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is a Catholic channel dedicated to communicating salvation through God’s love.

EWTN on DISH channel 261 has 24/7 programming including news, worship, interviews, movies, daily Mass and more.

Check out Women of Grace, Life On The Rock, Bookmark with Doug Keck, The World Over, EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, @home with Jim & Joy, and EWTN In Depth [6].

Women of Grace aims to inspire and empower women in their faith, often through discussions on Catholic spirituality, theology, and women’s roles in the Church. It may feature interviews, stories, and teachings to help women grow in their Catholic faith.

The show is hosted by Johnnette Benkovic Williams.

Life On The Rock typically mixes discussions, interviews, and segments on issues relevant to young Catholics – faith, relationships, vocations, social challenges, and more. The show is presented by EWTN’s Franciscan Friars and Father Mark.

On Bookmark, Doug Keck interviews authors about Catholic literature and books on faith and spiritual growth. Authors share insights into their works and explore related themes. It introduces Catholic literature and how these works can further understand the faith.

On The World Over, Raymond Arroyo provides commentary and insights on current events, news, and other topics relevant to the Catholic faith.

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly features interviews with pro-life leaders, policymakers, and experts.

@home with Jim & Joy is hosted by Jim and Joy Pinto, often featuring interviews and discussions on family life, marriage, and other topics from a Catholic lens.

DISH also offers EWTN’s Spanish language audio.


Bible on man or woman lap

Learn about the Bible

Christian Channels in Spanish on DishLATINO

If you prefer Spanish Christian networks, DishLATINO can also provide those packages.

Aliento Vision

Stay tuned to Aliento Vision, a positive Spanish network connecting families through faith and hope. It was founded to impact Hispanic families with biblical values and glorify God.

The most popular shows are Aliento de Vida, Ciencia, Diseño & Creación, La Biblia, Bendiciendo la Familia, and Billy Graham.

On Aliento de Vida, Pastor Víctor Tiburcio preaches encouragement from New York.

Ciencia, Diseño & Creación demonstrates scientific support for the Bible, thanks to a partnership between Aliento Vision and Answers in Genesis [7].

Viewers can learn about the Bible through La Biblia, which narrates Old and New Testament stories, from Noah to Jesus.

On Bendiciendo La Familia, married counselors Víctor and Hattie Tiburcio tackle real marital and family issues.

Though Billy Graham passed away, you can still see programming from his influential ministry. Graham was an evangelist and prominent Christian figure who served as a spiritual advisor to numerous U.S. presidents. His crusades reached millions globally.

The network also shows Christian movies on Cine Aliento Vision and kids’ programming like El Club del Arca.

Featured pastors include Randy Morrison, Sebastián Montoya, Osvaldo Carnival and more.



Enjoy a variety of channels with Christian values

Enlace TV

Enlace TV is another Spanish Christian network with talk shows, sermons, music and more to spread Christian teachings.

Enlace TV aims to create positive change through impactful programming.

Watch Compañía de Mujeres, conferences by godly female leaders, Tiempos de Libertad on spiritual and emotional healing, and EJ Beats showcasing uplifting electronic music mixes. Other shows are Misterios de Israel, Fe En Acción, Enlace Ora, and more [8].

DISH viewers can start the day with Joel Osteen broadcast in Spanish, as he shares a hopeful message grounded in God’s word.

Each network updates programming to suit its mission. To catch your favorites, stay tuned to ads or check program schedules.

If you want the best in Christian programming, get the right DISH package for your family. Call DISH and pick a plan that meets your needs.

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