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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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Get an extra $100 gift card on a qualifying internet package

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Receive a $100 gift card when you order a qualifying DISH TV service.
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DISH TV Plans Include:

  • 3-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • Signal Reliability Guarantee
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • Hopper Smart HD DVR
  • Next-Day Installation
Plus Exclusive Offers Available!
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Spanish Cartoons Available on DishLATINO

Lyan Babilonia / Updated Jun 07, 2024 | Pub. Dec 14, 2023

Millions of Hispanic parents in the United States want their children to learn Spanish. If you’re one of them, a fun approach is the best choice. Your children will love learning Spanish through the wide range of cartoons available on DishLATINO.

Did you grow up with the Spanish-translated versions of Animaniacs, Sailor Moon, Aladdin, Rugrats, or more recently, Bob the Builder and Dora the Explorer? If so, you understand the richness of experiencing TV in your native language.

Here’s what your satellite TV provider offers:

On PBS, you’ll discover Alma’s Way, which portrays the life of a 6-year-old Puerto Rican girl who lives with her family in the Bronx. Alma shares her cultural heritage and traditions with the world.


Kid hands with TV control

TV in your language

Azteca 7 offers a wide array of options:

1- Baby Looney Tunes showcase infant versions of the beloved classic Looney Tunes characters produced by Warner Bros. The show is geared towards preschool-aged children. It features characters like Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, and the Tasmanian Devil. The storyline takes place in a nursery, where the Baby Looney Tunes live under the care of Granny.

2- The Smurfs features magical blue beings that bring joy into your home. The storyline revolves around the adventures of characters such as Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, and Hefty Smurf.

The Smurfs face numerous challenges, often from the malevolent wizard Gargamel. He relentlessly pursues them to harness their magic for his sinister intentions. Each episode typically focuses on themes of friendship, cooperation, and problem-solving, emphasizing positive values like kindness, teamwork, and solidarity.


Family watching TV

Family time with DishLATINO

3- The Fairly Odd Parents is an animated series created and produced by Elmer Earl ‘Butch’ Hartman IV, who is known for other Nickelodeon animated series such as Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F Puppy, and Bunsen Is a Beast.

The story focuses on Timmy Turner, a 10-year-old boy residing in the fictional town of Dimmsdale. Timmy faces bullying, but his parents are preoccupied with their own matters. He is under the care of Vicky, an abusive babysitter who treats him as her servant. But then Cosmo and Wanda, his fairy godparents, step in to aid him.


Kids watching TV

Options for all ages

Cartoons for toddlers and kids

1- Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends was created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The story is set in a Victorian-style orphanage where imaginary friends live when the children who imagined them grow up or forget about them. These imaginary friends can be adopted once they arrive at the institution.

The series begins with Mac’s mother urging him to let go of his imaginary friend, Bloo, believing he’s too old for one. When Bloo sees a television ad promoting the orphanage, he suggests that he should be sent there so Mac can visit him. Upon their arrival, they discovered that Bloo could be adopted by another child. Mac persuades the authorities to allow him to have daily visits and requests that his friend not be put up for adoption. This marks the start of their adventures in the subsequent episodes.

2- Bluey follows the adventures of a Blue Heeler, who lives with her mom Chilli, her dad Bandit, and her sister Bingo. This endearing 6-year-old pup explores the world alongside her family, engaging in games and imaginative activities. Her boundless energy and charming spirit lead her into a variety of entertaining and unpredictable situations.

Other characters in the series include her friends and neighbors, such as Aunt Trixie, Aunt Brandy, Chloe (one of Bluey’s closest friends), Chucky (a kind and sensitive Labrador living next door to Bluey), and numerous other pets.


Boy watching TV

Toddlers and kids will have fun

3- Masha and the Bear is a Russian 3D animated children’s television series created by the Russian animation studio Animaccord. The show follows the adventures of Masha, a young girl who lives with a bear and is inspired by a Russian folk tale.

4- Plim Plim is an Argentine production that began as a collection of children’s folk songs and evolved into an animated television series. Its primary aim is to promote values such as solidarity, honesty, responsibility, healthy habits, and respect for the environment.

Unlike most cartoons on US television, this production was originally created in Spanish and later translated into English.


Cartoons scene on TV

Wide range of programming

Discover much more on Cartoon Network:

1- Craig of the Creek is an American animated television series airing on Cartoon Network.

The show centers on a boy named Craig Williams and his friends Kelsey and J.P. as they explore and play in a creek near their homes, known as The Creek. The series emphasizes the significance of friendship, creativity, problem-solving, and outdoor enjoyment.

2- Ben 10 is an American animated series produced by Man of Action Studios and Cartoon Network. The show follows the adventures of a 10-year-old boy named Ben Tennyson, who stumbles upon an alien device called the Omnitrix. This device enables him to transform into various alien beings to combat crime and protect the world from alien threats.

3- Total Dramarama is an animated children’s comedy. The production premiered on Cartoon Network in 2018 as a spin-off from Total Drama Island. Total Dramarama targets a younger audience, while the original series centered on a reality show with teenagers. It showcases the same characters but as preschool-aged children.


Mom and daughter laughing while watching TV

Find the most convenient plan

4- Steven Universe Future serves as the sequel to the animated series Steven Universe. The show continues to explore the personal development of the main character, Steven Universe. Steven is a half-human, half-alien being known as a Gem who variously finds adventures while developing his powers.

In this sequel, Steven grapples with resolving the issues of others after heroically saving the world. But he comes to realize that he must first protect his own well-being.

He embarks on a journey to discover his purpose and calm his internal struggles. On the way, he finds new challenges that contribute to his personal growth.

Flexible Dubbing or Subtitles

Even with all these options, you still have more. Your family is not limited to watching cartoons originally broadcast in Spanish. Thanks to the DISH Anywhere app, you can now access any show airing on television with either dubbed audio in your language or subtitles.

Several channels available on DISH provide options to switch the audio language or activate Spanish subtitles for English programs. You can also adjust the language settings on your smart TV or decoder.

This opens a wide range of choices, allowing you to enjoy cartoons from channels like Nick Jr., including Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Rubble & Crew, Paddington, Blaze, and Baby Shark. You’ll also have access to the entire lineup of cartoons offered on Nickelodeon, BabyFirst, and much more.

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