Yellowstone on Dish Network – Updated Guide (2022)

/ June 22, 2022

In the United States, 85% of Americans subscribe to a streaming service. And why not? While a cable provider offers an insurmountable number of channels to choose from, streaming has become the new way to binge-watch TV.

A cable subscription is more expensive than a streaming service. And nowadays, you can watch live TV through downloadable apps, like the Paramount Network app or Hulu. The main takeaway here is that you have options, and they don’t end with cable TV.

Still, shows like “Yellowstone” on the DISH Network channel, which debuted in June 2018, can sometimes make you question whether you truly want to cancel your cable subscription. The American drama stars Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham have been picking up steam since 2018.

Created by Taylor Sheridan, fans that watch “Yellowstone” will immerse themselves in a world of deceit, lies, and lots of drama. And with a fifth “Yellowstone” season in the works, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll want to sit down and binge-watch “Yellowstone” from beginning to end.

Yellowstone on DISH Network

Not to be confused with Yellowstone National Park, the “Yellowstone” show is a Primetime Emmy nominated drama available through DISH network airing on the Paramount Network, channel number 241.

The premise of the show unfolds around a powerful family of ranchers in present-day Montana. Commonly referred to as “Yellowstone,” the Dutton family owns Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Run by the head of the family, John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner), the show follows the family’s struggles as they navigate an eruption of problems brought on by their bordering neighbors.

The Dutton family’s involvement in politics and their shifting alliances with land developers make “Yellowstone’s” deeply personal account a binge-worthy fan favorite on the Paramount Network.

How Many Yellowstone Seasons Are Available?

Season 1 debuted back in June 2018. The most recent “Yellowstone” season premiered on November 7th, 2021. With the success of the fourth season, Paramount Network approved the fifth season in February 2022.

The next season will be split into two installments of seven episodes each. Fans will be able to watch the new season on Dish Network during Paramount air time or through the Paramount app.

Are All Four Seasons Available on the Paramount App?

No, not all four seasons are currently available on the Paramount Network app. The first three seasons were recently made available to stream through Peacock Premium, with the current season added to the lineup a few months after airing.

You can stream “Yellowstone” through Peacock premium, a streaming service owned and operated by the television and streaming division of NBCUniversal, or watch the seasons on the Paramount Network.

Can I Watch a Yellowstone Season Without Ads?

Absolutely. By subscribing to Peacock Premium, you can catch the first three seasons without ads. Since season 4 episodes were recently added to the lineup, you’ll also be able to enjoy “Yellowstone” season 4 without the interruption of commercials.

When Does the New Yellowstone Season Come Out?

During “Yellowstone” season 4, it was announced that a new season was in the works. Thanks to the popularity of the last four seasons, and a pretty good score on Rotten Tomatoes for the third season, show execs gave the final OK for the filming of season 5 to begin.

With “Yellowstone” season 4 in the past, fans can expect season 5 to begin this summer 2022. Unlike “Yellowstone” season 4 (and other previous seasons), season 5 will be split into two with the first half starting in just a few months.

When Does Yellowstone Air?

You can watch “Yellowstone” episodes on live TV on Sunday nights at 8 pm ET, and 7 pm CT through the Paramount Network. If you miss your chance to see John Dutton or any of the other Dutton family members in action, you can always stream “Yellowstone” on Peacock Premium or through the Paramount app (downloadable through the Apple Store or Play Store).

Everything You Need to Know About Paramount

Out of all the channels, the Paramount channel is the one that’s investing in its content the most, much like Netflix and the Disney Channel. Although they have a free version that comes with all DISH Network TV packages, the Paramount Plus plan can really enhance your TV experience.

What Do You Need to Watch Paramount Network on Your TV?

Watching Paramount Network through DISH is simple. As a provider of cable through satellite TV, DISH is ranked number #1 by customer satisfaction. And you don’t need much to watch Kevin Costner (or any other of your favorite stars) in action.

Because DISH works through a satellite, a professional tech will come to you and install a dish for you. This will, not only give you access to your channel package, but also Internet access so that you can download and stream new HD episodes of your favorite shows.

To get the most out of your plan, and so you can access the Paramount network, you’ll need an Internet-connected Hopper, Joey, or Wally device. After everything’s installed, you can sit, back, relax, and watch a cinematic story right before your eyes.

Can I Watch Yellowstone On Demand?

Absolutely! You watch “Yellowstone” broadcasts live as they come on the air, or catch new episodes on-demand through select cable, satellite, or streaming services. DISH customers can enjoy on-demand features for free. There are no additional costs or fees for on-demand services.

All Paramount Network programming will be available on channel 241. For new episodes of “Yellowstone,” make sure you take a look at your TV guide and see what episodes are available on-demand through Paramount.

Can I Stream Paramount Network?

Yes, you can stream any Paramount TV episode from any show through Paramount plus. For a low monthly fee, you can rewatch season 4 of “Yellowstone” or any other Paramount show you want. The Paramount app can be easily downloaded through your device’s Play Store or Apple Store.

It goes without saying that you can always watch any Paramount programming on the channel itself through your cable provider. But, if you’re ever on the go and want access to any shows, streaming is the way to go.

Which Live Streaming TV Services Stream Yellowstone

If you’re only interested in streaming “Yellowstone” instead of watching it through Cable TV, right now the only service available to do that is Peacock. Outside of watching an episode through the Paramount app, it looks like Peacock is your best option for binge-watching season 4.

Top Popular Shows on Paramount Network

68 Whiskey

Much like “Yellowstone”, “68 Whiskey” is a show for hard-core drama fans. The show follows a group of medics as they work through day-to-day struggles while living at an operating base in Afghanistan. Watching an episode of “68 Whiskey” is like watching “Grey’s Anatomy” in the desert–it’s hot, it’s chaotic, and it’s full of drama.


Continuing on the drama trend, “Succession” is a show about a family business empire and all that entails trying to figure out which family member should take over next. Everyone’s competing to be the big dog. But, as it turns out, nobody is ready to take over the reins. Alliances shift, opinions change, and you’ll be hooked watching family dynamics twist and turn on the screen.

Sons of Anarchy

“Yellowstone” wouldn’t exist without “Sons of Anarchy.” The two shows are closely related as the creator of “Yellowstone” portrayed the character of David Hale on “Sons of Anarchy.” The premise revolves around a motorcycle club in a small town called Charming. You can expect family fights, lots of motorcycles, and evolving dynamics between family members.