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How to Get DISH for Your RV

Rosslyn Elliott / Updated Mar 24,2023 | Pub Mar 15,2022

There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors in your RV. But if you’re like many RV owners, you also may want to catch a big game or see the hottest TV shows while you’re on the road.

When you get DISH for your RV, you can easily bring satellite TV along with you. Go ahead, drive your RV to remote areas or park at a campground down south for the winter. DISH TV can work practically anywhere in the USA, even from your RV.

Read on to discover how much DISH TV can add to your RV lifestyle.

Can I Get DISH for My RV?

A few portable pieces of DISH equipment can bring you live sports, movies, news, and the most popular national TV channels. DISH for your RV will keep you totally connected to the world whenever you want. But you’ll still have that freedom to roam that makes the RV lifestyle so well-loved.

More than 11 million households in America own an RV. One million Americans live in RVs full time. If you spend a season or all year in your RV, you need access to reliable entertainment. And for that, you need good support from an authorized retailer like DISH.

If you start with a DISH outdoor antenna and receiver or level up with seriously cool gadgets, DISH can offer you the best options for RV TV service.

Here’s everything you need to know about satellite TV service through DISH Network.

Why RV Owners Choose DISH TV

DISH was the Reader’s Choice Award Gold winner for the RV Satellite TV Provider Category in Trailer Life Magazine. Lots of happy DISH watchers agree that it’s a great choice to get DISH for your RV.

Party or Relax with DISH Outdoors

DISH Outdoors is the top TV provider for RV owners. You can get DISH Outdoors if you’re a current DISH subscriber or if you’d like to start a new plan.

If you already have a DISH plan at your brick-and-mortar home, DISH-at-home can easily become DISH Outdoors. You can get some cutting-edge accessories that are totally portable. Those gadgets are all you need to turn your current DISH plan into a traveling one.

You can take DISH to any campground or tailgate gathering with your RV. Set up your TV outside for the big game. Bring out the camp chairs and grill, and you’ll be the life of the party!

Put on a movie for the kids after a long day’s hiking in the mountains. You can have the best of nature and digital entertainment when you get DISH for your RV.

DISH Network offers multiple options for you to have access to local channels with a fast and easy setup. The DISH Outdoors service uses portable satellite antennas to help DISH customers watch shows on premium channels, have access to the weather channel, and add on programming whenever they want.

If you’re already a DISH home subscriber, you can add DISH Outdoors to your current package. But if you’re not a subscriber yet, it’s super-easy to sign up for a DISH plan and get started. You can subscribe just for an RV-based DISH plan.

DISH outdoors gives you the option to pay as you go

How Does DISH Work for RV?

DISH Network offers you an easy and flexible way to watch TV from your RV.

DISH Outdoors gives you the option to pay-as-you-go so that you don’t have to incur unnecessary expenses. The pay-as-you-go program allows you to schedule service activation or suspension as you see fit, instead of signing a contract. The billing cycle works in 30-day increments, so you have plenty of time to choose when you want to pause the service.

Pay-as-you-go is great for people that want to spend a couple of weeks exploring the outdoors or for people that want to make their RV a permanent home. If you’re already a DISH customer, all you have to do is add an RV package.

How Can I Get DISH in my RV?

You’ll need a few things to get started with satellite TV. Even if you’re already a DISH customer with an existing dish receiver, you’ll need a DISH mobile receiver that’s compatible with the satellite antenna.

Here’s the equipment you need to enjoy DISH in your RV:

DISH Receiver

Acquiring a DISH mobile receiver is the first step you need to take before you install satellite TV in your RV. There are multiple DISH mobile receiver models to choose from. But the most recommended is the DISH Wally HD Receiver.

Of all the DISH mobile receiver models, the DISH Wally HD receiver is the best one because it allows you to create custom entertainment and enjoy built-in apps. It’s designed for the mobile lifestyle, as it’s the most adaptable.

Be aware that there may be receiver upgrade fees applied when you first get the Wally. It’s common to have upfront fees when you first start a service or upgrade a package. If you order the equipment online, you’ll get free shipping.

Key Features

  • Crystal-clear HD TV quality
  • Channel Search Features
  • Operates from 200 feet away through walls and other cabinetry with the RF remote
  • Smallest DISH mobile receiver
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy apps like Netflix, Weather Channel, and more
  • Bluetooth capability through a Bluetooth adapter

DISH Antennas are portable and easy to setup

DISH Satellite Antenna

After you get the receiver, the next step is to get a DISH satellite antenna. You can choose from an array of DISH satellite antennas to get the right antenna for you and your setup.

You’ll always save more when you bundle a mobile satellite antenna with a receiver. But you can also use your own antenna if it’s compatible with the service. Here are your options for DISH antennas.

DISH Playmaker

DISH Playmaker

The DISH Playmaker is the smallest portable DISH satellite antenna and gives you automatic signal finders.

Key Features

  • Finds DISH satellite orbital locations automatically
  • Features a lightweight, low-profile antenna made of robust materials for optimal performance
  • Increased signal-strength performance due to military-grade aluminum alloy, giving it maximum durability

DISH Tailgater

DISH Tailgater

This mobile satellite antenna also gives you an automatic signal finder. DISH Tailgater comes with an integrated handle for portability.

Key Features

    • Built-in weather resistance cover
    • Supports HD and SD programming
    • Satellite antennas come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase

DISH Playmaker Dual

DISH Playmaker Dual

The Playmaker Dual is easy to set up as all of the DISH mobile antennas. It also supports two receivers.

Key Features

    • Self-installs faster than other automatic antennas
    • Features high-performance stepper motors that provide speed and precision
    • Has a lightweight, low-profile antenna made of robust materials for optimal performance

DISH Tailgater PRO

DISH Tailgater PRO

The Tailgater Pro supports multiple TVs and is weather resistant. It also has a high customer satisfaction rate with people on the east coast despite its 100% nationwide coverage.

Key Features

  • Dual coax output (for optimum roof-mount installation)
  • Doesn’t need a separate remote as it’s powered through a receiver
  • Supports multiple TVs with the addition of two receivers for programming on the same satellite.

Tip: Look for DISH Network Logos and DISH Network Trademarks

Even though you can get a portable antenna through other retailers, it’s best to go with an authorized retailer from DISH. This is the best way to ensure that your DISH outdoors equipment is in working order and won’t give you problems in the long run.

Look for DISH network logos or DISH network trademarks on the equipment to make sure it’s compatible with your existing DISH receiver.

Choose Programming and Activate

As a DISH customer, you have terrific options for month-to-month programming.

DISH offers Flex channel packages starting at $52.99 per month and including 50+ channels. You can choose your own special interests and premium channels with package upgrades. The best part is you don’t need Wi-Fi, and you can disconnect or activate without additional monthly fees.

Popular Programming Packages

  • Flex Pack. This package is great because it allows you to customize and create your own TV package to fit your mobile lifestyle. DISH TV gives you channel packages starting at $57.99 so you can stay up to date with all your favorite shows at an affordable price. You’ll get some of the nation’s most popular channels like HGTV, USA, Paramount, TNT, Discovery, CNN, and so many more. And you can always get local channels when you verify your location with the MYDISH app.
  • Add-on Channel Packs. As part of the Flex Pack, you have the option to add sets of channels to your satellite TV entertainment. These include a News Pack, Kids Pack, National Action Pack with 12 sports channels, and so many more. You can also add Spanish-language channels or premium channels like HBO Max and Showtime.  Adding Sirius XM will give you over 70 music channels.

How Does Pay-As-You-Go Work?

Pay-as-you-go gives you the flexibility to connect and disconnect service whenever you want. As a DISH customer, the pay-as-you-go option puts you in charge of your TV package and how you want it to fit your mobile lifestyle.

When you set up pay-as-you-go, you’re only responsible for months you use the service. DISH Network will bill you for packages in advance on a month-to-month basis in 30-day increments.

And if you’re already an existing customer, you’re in luck. You’ll only have to pay $7 per month for each additional TV.

How Much Is a Satellite Dish for an RV?

Pricing for the various models of antennas varies. Remember that equipment upgrades and costs are separate from the DISH Outdoors plan cost.

In general, prices range from $390 to $550 for the DISH antenna with the most capabilities. You can also make monthly payments if you’re not ready to pay the advertised price right away.

Keep in mind that free standard professional installation only applies to TVs and not to the actual antenna. But the setup is easy and user-friendly enough for you to complete on your own.

How Much Is DISH Tailgater Monthly?

If you’re currently a DISH network customer, all you have to do is upgrade your existing account to add DISH Outdoors.

The upgrade is only $5 per month, and levels you up with HD TV. Included in the advertised price are HD service fees, along with 50+ channels to watch.

FAQs: DISH Service for RVs

Is DISH or DIRECTV better for RV?

DISH is the more affordable of the two services because of its pay-as-you-go option. And DISH TV has a reputation for being user-friendly, which makes it a popular choice among customers. Now that DISH has even more NFL Sunday Ticket offerings, DISH is unquestionably the premier TV service for sports fans! But movies, music and much more make DISH a great choice for everyone in the family.

Does DISH have pay-as-you-go for RV?

Yes, DISH offers pay-as-you-go. There is no early termination fee if you decide to stop the service.

How does the DISH pay-as-you-go program work?

You can connect and disconnect as you please and only pay for the service you use. Charges are made on a month-to-month basis. When you’re ready to take a break, simply stop making your monthly payment.

How much does DISH Outdoors cost?

If you’re an existing customer, your monthly fees will increase by $5 per month with the upgrade. Additional equipment costs will be necessary to get your service working.

If you’re not a DISH customer yet, you can purchase a Flex channel package for $57.99 per month. And if you sign up for pay-as-you-go, you only pay for the months you use the service.

Can I use my home DISH Network receiver in my RV?

No, if you’re already an existing customer, the DISH Network receiver you use for your services at home will not work in your RV. DISH recommends you get a compatible receiver and antenna that you can add to your existing package.

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